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Designed to be fun, stimulating, hands-on solutions with a multitude of subjects to choose from, our Enrichment Programs are the perfect tools to create engaging activities for students in grades 1-8. Our expertise is creating exciting, hands-on projects that teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) concepts. Whether you are looking to teach specific subjects, or not sure where to start with your program, PCS Edventures has a program for every situation.

26 products found in Enrichment Programs

Cubelets BOT Builder-PCS
Cubelets BOT Builder
  • From 129.00 USD
BrickLAB Magic Beans-PCS
BrickLAB Magic Beans
  • From 129.00 USD
Sports Science-PCS
Sports Science
  • From 129.00 USD
BrickLAB Zoo-PCS
BrickLAB Zoo
  • From 129.00 USD
Scratch Camp-PCS
Scratch Camp
  • From 295.00 USD
Pirate Camp-PCS
Pirate Camp
  • From 95.00 USD
The Science of Superpowers-PCS
The Science of Superpowers
  • From 95.00 USD
Unleash Your Wild Side-PCS
Unleash Your Wild Side
  • From 129.00 USD
Ready, Set, Code! Programming with Drones-PCS
Ready, Set, Code! Programming with Drones
  • From 429.00 USD
Ready, Set, Drone! - Second Edition-PCS
Ready, Set, Drone! - Second Edition
  • From 349.00 USD
Build a Better World-PCS
Build a Better World
  • From 129.00 USD
Traveling Artist-PCS
Traveling Artist
  • From 129.00 USD
Science of the Human Body-PCS
Science of the Human Body
  • From 129.00 USD
Simple Machines-PCS
Simple Machines
  • From 129.00 USD
Oceanic Exploration-PCS
Oceanic Exploration
  • From 129.00 USD
Flight & Aerodynamics-PCS
Flight & Aerodynamics
  • From 129.00 USD
  • From 129.00 USD
Video Production-PCS
Video Production
  • From 129.00 USD
CAD Camp
  • From 295.00 USD
Discover Blocksmith: 3D Coding & Design-PCS
Discover Blocksmith: 3D Coding & Design
  • From 399.00 USD
Summer Camp Classics-PCS
Summer Camp Classics
  • From 129.00 USD
Flying Disc-PCS
Flying Disc
  • From 129.00 USD
Structural Design-PCS
Structural Design
  • From 129.00 USD
Eggs-traordinary Physics-PCS
Eggs-traordinary Physics
  • From 129.00 USD

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