Webinar Series

The Magnificent Makerspace Webinar



What makes a Makerspace work? How do you start your own? Join Michelle Fisher, Director of Curriculum Development at PCS Edventures, and Nikki Yates, Director of Labs at PCS Edventures, as they explore the world of Makerspaces!


The Discover Drones Webinar

Join Michelle Fisher, Conrad “Furadi” Miller, Sorell "Zero" Miller and Michael Gianoutsos as PCS Edventures, Thrust-UAV and MultiGP Drone Racing team up to explore the high-flying feats, aerial stunts and endless applications of drones in the Discover Drones Webinar!

From dissecting The Anatomy of a Drone and their Unlimited Applications to exploring The Sport of the Future and A World of Hands-On Curriculum, it's time to supercharge your classroom.

Get ready to experience STEM at 75 MPH -- It's high-octane education!

Summer Camp Secrets for Educators


 In this webinar Director of Curriculum, Michelle Fisher, and STEAM Program Specialist, Ben Moore, walk you through: 
- the special ingredients to a wildly successful camp for both instructors and participants.
- how to run a smooth and effective summer program.
- the startling statistics of summer learning loss. Don’t worry. You CAN do something about it!

21st Century STEM Education and the Sport of the Future: FPV Drone Racing

Come and see how the worlds of STEM and FPV drones collide! This webinar goes in depth about how to engage students in STEM through the use of drones. 

Dahlton Grover, PCS Director of Business Development @That_Robot_Girl
Conrad "Furadi" Miller, Thrust UAV team pilot @Furadi_FPV
Michelle Fisher, PCS Director of Curriculum Development


How To Bring Robotics Into Your STEM Classroom!

PCS Edventures Host Dahlton Grover is joined by Robert Grover and Michelle Fisher to discuss the importance of robotics in the classroom. Implementation is easier than you think!