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The Secrets to a Successful Drone Program

The Secrets to a Successful Drone Program

So, you’re venturing out to the flight field for the first time. Your students are thrilled, and the class’s excitement is palpable. For most of your aspiring pilots, this will be their introduction to the skies — the keystone to their lifelong love of drones. With these invigorating STEM lessons and permanent social and technical skills under their belts, you’re laying the groundwork for endless career and high education opportunities.

Now, it’s not life or death by any means, but how you handle classroom flight time — especially the first few trips to the flight field — has a huge impact on how your students perceive their drone education. It doesn’t need to be the end-all-be-all, but a well-run UAV experience makes all the difference — not only to the students, but especially to the educators.

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The Mini Drone
Buyers Guide

The Mini Drone </br>Buyers Guide

So, you want to buy a mini drone, or better yet, you’re looking to start a drone program. You’ve done your research, talked with local experts and seen how effective drones are at bringing STEM to elementary learners — you’re ready to lift-off. But, there’s a problem. Drones operate on an entirely different technological plane, and you’ve only begun scratching at the surface of what’s available to you. With a brand new language, cutting-edge technologies and lots of moving parts, it’s hard to know where to start when you’re starting off on your drone journey. And that’s okay! You have countless questions about where to begin or what’s going to be the best for you and your students, and we’ve got your answers.


The Mini Drone Buyers Guide is your master key to unlocking the skies.

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The Positive Effects of Elementary Drone Racing

The Positive Effects of Elementary Drone Racing

There’s no denying it — the vast potential of unmanned aerial operations has whipped in-and-out of our daily lives, bringing with it vocational innovation and industry evolution. The STEM careers of tomorrow are being supercharged with the help of drones. But, the job market isn’t the only sector of our lives affected by UAVs.   

Drones are taking over the World of Recreation, with drone racing quickly solidifying itself as the sport of the future. So, what is Drone Racing? 

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