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Cultivating Healthy Learners: Student Nutrition & the Human Body

Cultivating Healthy Learners: Student Nutrition & the Human Body

Just like how you can’t change the oil in your car without first learning how to do it (and more importantly, why you should change your oil), learning about our bodies is the first step towards bettering ourselves, both physically and mentally. Being that it’s National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, there’s never been a better time to review why it’s so important for students to have a working knowledge of the human body, especially when it comes to something as simple as nutrition. As one of the largest factors in maintaining a fit life, nutrition is just as important as getting up and getting active.

So, why it’s so important for learners to understand how their bodies work?

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The Idaho TSA Drone Competition

The Idaho TSA Drone Competition

Drones are probably one of the greatest emerging technologies that we have. There are a lot of careers available for it, and we now have colleges offering drone degrees for students to go through to become a drone pilot in a lot of different areas.

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