Check out the NEW 2022 product line-up!

To be released this Spring, PCS Edventures’ newest product additions are sure to thrill educators and students alike.

Dirt Camp (Grades 1-3)

Make like a mole and dig into Dirt Camp! Through collaboration, creativity and problem-solving, young learners delve into the exciting world just beneath our feet. From building like a beaver to making Malian mud cloths, roll up your sleeves to excavate, experiment and engineer alongside dirt-dwelling animals, artists and agronomists!

Discover Podcasting LAB (Grades 4-8)

Amplify student voices with the popularity of Podcasting! Create imaginative and original stories through collaborative learning. Hands-on curriculum includes curated content from top podcasters who offer their advice to up-and-coming audio artists. Scaffolded lessons break down the creative process step-by-step for added accessibility to all learners, especially English Learners.

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