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Traveling Artist

This classic PCS Edventures program is now available in individual student kits and comes with digital resources, making it a perfect solution for remote, blended and in-person environments.

In Traveling Artist, explore the different cultures of the world through the depth of their history, legacy and incredible works of art! In this thrilling program, students get creative examining the STEM processes that make art possible, like the delicate balance of water tension involved in Japanese Suminagashi paper or the cultural traditions and paleontology of Chinese dragons.

Grades: 4-6 | Students: 1 per kit | Contact Hours: 12+
Subject Targets: Physical Science, Life Science, Earth Science, Art/STEAM, Math Connections, English Language Arts Connections, Social Studies/History Connections

Click the images below to view the curriculum sample and digital resources for Day 7: Suminagashi Paper.

Day 7 Curriculum Sample

Download Curriculum Sample PDF

Slides with Narration & Video

Traveling Artist individual kits are ONLY available through our PCS STEMbassasdors. Click the buttons below to view the complete program, available through online purchase, or to connect with a STEMbassador to inquire about the individual kits, bulk pricing or custom quantities.

BrickLAB STEAMventures for grades K-1 and 2-3

BrickLAB STEAMventures

Designed for in-person, remote or distance learning environments, BrickLAB STEAMventures for grades K-1 & 2-3 incorporates science, math, English language arts and more in 40 pages of enriching STEAM challenges, activities, experiments and stories. The program comes pre-packaged into kits for each student, eliminating the need to share materials. Promote physical distancing in the classroom or send the kits home to boost family engagement!

Contact Hours: Each issue offers 4+ hours of tech-free activities and 4+ hours of online extensions.

Transportation Collection

Explore how transportation technology has reshaped our world and how we can protect our environment.

Subject Targets: Earth Science, Engineering Design, Art/STEAM, Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies

Boats: Speed off into the surf on a transportation adventure designed with an eco-friendly eye as you work to understand and combat ocean pollution.

Trains: All aboard the transcontinental railroad as you learn all about steam engines, locomotives and the workers who spend their days on the railroad.

Bikes: Pedal-power shows its true strength in this investigation of a zero-emission form of transportation complete with visits from Olympic cyclists.

Cars: Check your mirrors and step on the gas to explore cars, trucks and how engineers are designing sustainable vehicles for a renewable future.

Transportation Collection

Unearth the sustainable agricultural innovations and leafy greens that put the food on our plates.

Subject Targets: Life Science, Engineering Design, Art/STEAM, Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies

Gardens: Dip your trowel into the world of cultivation with a strawberry-themed deep-dive into the fruits and vegetables that grow in our gardens.

Trees: Swing from the tree-tops on an adventure to learn about trees, fruits and how the chocolate we love comes from the trunk of a very special tree.

Farms: Jump onto the seat of your tractor and meet the hard-working farmers and cutting-edge technologies that keep our plates piled high with potatoes.

Seeds: Put on your chef's hat and savor the flavors of Native American cuisine as you explore seed saving and corn's culinary heritage.

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