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Grades 1-3: Rockin’ Robots

Calling all primary programmers and music makers! Students take the helm of Sphero indi robots on a guided tour through the STEAMtastic fusion of music and robotics with Rockin' Robots. Multi-subject integration is a major theme throughout the 12 one-hour STEAM lessons and extension activities. Campers also build on a wide range of skills and reward their scientific curiosity by learning through play. Campers utilize creativity, technology, coding principles and teamwork to examine the wonderful world of music - exploring the parts of a song, learning new vocabulary, crafting musical instruments, investigating sound effects and designing a melodic coding challenge.

Grades 4-6: Da Vinci Camp

Travel back in time 500 years to reveal how Leonardo DaVinci’s inquisitiveness inspired many of today’s advancements in everything from art to zoology. Learners experiment with mirror writing, observe geometry in nature, reveal anatomical proportions, and design cities to discover the tricks DaVinci used to become one of the most regarded scientific minds of all time. Most importantly, students develop a deeper understanding of the world’s interconnectedness simply by asking, “I wonder why....”

Grades 6-12: Virtual STEM Academy - Video Game Design and ESPORTS

These Virtual STEM Academy courses funnel students’ natural excitement for video games into a passion for STEM by providing the educators, curriculum and software needed to level-up your existing course or run a stand-alone program.

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