Cardboard and Robots: Choosing What’s Best for Your Makerspace

You have the space, the students and the drive to mold the minds of the future, but how do you know you’re providing them with the right tools to explore their curiosities? A simple google search for “makerspace supplies” yields result after result of shopping lists, but, on top of being daunting for beginning spaces, these lists aren’t made for your space. Your makerspace isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Instead, as the leader of exploration, collaboration and creation, you need the right tools for choosing what’s best for your makerspace. From strategies for stocking-up to understanding your student’s needs, this is your guide to perfectly outfitting a makerspace.  

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Transforming Learning with Technology: New ISTE Standards for Students

Education is constantly evolving thanks to technological advancements. In order to provide structure to this evolution process, the International Society for Technology in Education (or ISTE) has developed and released its newest set of standards for students. The goal of these standards is to equip students of all ages to succeed in a global community that is becoming increasingly digitized. This newest set includes the creation of an empowered learner, digital citizen, knowledge constructor, innovative designer, computational thinker, creative communicator, and global collaborator.Read more

Fixed -VS- Growth Mindsets

In late 2007, world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol S. Dweck, Ph. D., shook the psychology world with her publication of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. In the book, Dweck details her simple, yet groundbreaking discovery of the power of one’s mindset. From education and sports to work and the arts, nearly every area of our lives, at its core, is dramatically influenced by how we perceive our own abilities and skills.

Dweck found that these perceptions boiled down to one thing: how we view and inhabit our personality. As she details, there are two mindsets a human can inhabit — a Fixed Mindset and a Growth Mindset.

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Makerspace Mandates: The Secrets to Perfecting an Educational Environment

Long before the drones, robots and curriculum developed today, PCS Edventures was Pat’s Computer School, a simple garage makerspace focus on educating the future's best minds. 25 years later, we've stayed true to our roots. We've grown alongside our students, honed our skills and expanded and refined our capabilities in order to become experts in education, after-school environments and makerspaces. Now, we're sharing our knowledge with you.

Called the Makerspace Mandates, these are the 7 secrets to creating the best learning environment inside your makerspace.

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