Our team

Todd Hackett


Todd Hackett is the owner of a successful construction company in Iowa who first became aware of PCS Edventures as an investment opportunity in 2007. Over the past five years, his involvement with PCS has grown from a casual investor to a strong advocate for bringing educational opportunities to both children and young adults to strengthen their knowledge in math and science.  He has demonstrated his abilities in the building of his own company from a startup in 1981 to a major construction firm now handling multimillion-dollar projects. Many of his projects involve educational institutions such as community colleges, middle schools, libraries, and applied technology labs.

Mr. Hackett is actively involved in his community, is passionate about the potential of PCS Edventures and is actively engaged in helping to create a company with deep shareholder value which also actively works to improve STEM education around the world. He and his wife, Tricia, have been together for 26 years and have three children.

Mike Bledsoe


Michael Bledsoe joined PCS Edventures in July of 2016. As President and a member of the Board of Directors, he brings over 20 years of financial experience, executive leadership and strategic management to his position. Mike received a BBA in Quantitative Management with an emphasis in Finance, from Boise State University in 1989 and was honored as the top graduate in his major. In 1993, he earned his MBA from Boise State University.

Prior to joining PCS Edventures, Mike spent his career in the investment management field, most recently at D.A. Davidson, where he was a Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager for 18 years. He earned the CFA Charterholder designation in 1994 and was an adjunct faculty member at Boise State University, where he taught classes in Personal Investing, fostering his passion for education and the sculpting of tomorrow’s best thinkers. In his free time, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, Karen, and their two children.

Diane Hagwood

Purchasing Administrator

Diane has been the Purchasing Administrator at PCS Edventures since 2014. Diane brings her extensive procurement expertise from the floral industry. She became a Master Designer and later a purchasing agent and supply department manager at a wholesale florist. Her work took her on yearly purchasing trips to The World Trade Center. She continued to flourish as the General Manager at a local wholesale floral company while conducting purchasing affairs. After working many years in the industry and doing freelance work across Idaho, Diane found her home at PCS Edventures.

With over 21 years of experience in procurement, Diane is an essential member of the PCS team, as she oversees purchasing, enabling the company to grow. Diane loves her role at PCS Edventures and enjoys living in Meridian, Idaho with her husband and four dogs.

Ryan Byard

Sales Coordinator & Channel Partner Development

As Sales Coordinator, Ryan is responsible for fostering new relationships with the companies and individuals who share an interest in expanding and accelerating STEM education worldwide. Ryan is also the main point of contact for the year-round trade shows and initiatives that PCS Edventures attends. Growing up in Southern California, he attended Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. After school, he entered the hardwood lumber industry, building a name for himself in a thriving lumber business with locations throughout California.

In the summer of 2016, Ryan moved to Boise, Idaho to explore new opportunities outside of the lumber industry. With the tremendous growth of the STEM fields, he looks forward to seeing just how much he can change the educational landscape through his expansion of the PCS Edventures name, curriculum, products and vision.

Suzy Haislip

STEM Program Specialist & Western Territory Manager

Suzy joined PCS Edventures in June of 2001. From a young age, Suzy was always team-oriented, a leader, a strong communicator and a hard worker who thrived in competitive sports like basketball and volleyball. She went on to play Volleyball at College of Idaho. She then transferred to Boise State University where she continued her studies in Business and Communications. She interned for the CEO of US West and Quest Corporation and became the project director for the WOW program, traveling throughout the state of Idaho training teachers and students how to use the Internet.

Suzy is always eager for a good business opportunity. She has performed numerous hands-on workshops for K-12 STEM educators and currently works as a STEM program specialist promoting STEAM and drone education solutions to schools throughout the country.


Ben Moore

STEM Program Specialist & East Coast Territory Manager

As one of the original students of the PCS Lab, Ben returned to his STEM roots when he joined the team in late 2016. Completing his Masters of Education Technology from Boise State University in 2013, he has over 17 years of experience in account management, sales and customer support.

In his professional life, Ben has immersed himself in the tech industry. As a film and television aficionado and a father of two, he’s determined to instill the same love of STEM in his family that he gained in the earliest years of PCS. From energizing education across the country to exploring the future reaches of STEM, Ben is the commander of the Northeast Territory, bringing his familiar knowledge of the growth and progress of PCS Edventures into every avenue he pursues.

Joe Egusquiza

Director of Business Operations

Before devoting himself to full-time work at Thrust UAV in 2015, Joe served as the VP of International Sales for PCS Edventures, the parent company of Thrust-UAV. His PCS Edventures clientele encompassed STEM education classrooms all over the world. Today, his Thrust customers include hobbyist drone retailers, professional drone racers and members of the military and local police department.

Prior to his time at PCS Edventures, Joe served in the United States Navy from 1990 to 1994, stationed with HC-4 in Sigonella, Sicily, going on 12 detachments to the Persian Gulf during the war. He is an acting board member of WIWA and USA Idaho and has coached wrestling for the past 12 years in Homedale, Idaho.

Chris “Hazak” Haskins

R&D Engineer

Hazak began his racing career in October 2014. He won his first race at the Utah cup 2015, 2nd place at MultiGP Covington “Cave Race” in 2016 and was a featured pilot on the first season of ESPN’s Drone Racing League (DRL). Chris has participated in many races with the top pilots in the world. Chris and his 13 year old daughter Cadence, “KrazyK”, challenge each other weekly at the Boise FPV races.

Chris joined Thrust UAV in March of 2016 as the Production Manager and has a strong technical background in drone technology, information systems and computer science. .

Conrad “Furadi” Miller

Thrust-UAV Team Pilot / Product Support

Furadi started competing in drone racing in September 2015, although he was involved in the sport for a year prior. He’s since competed in 3 International Drone Racing Association (IDRA) races, 2 Drone Racing League (DRL) races and a Drone Nationals qualifier where he took 2nd place. He was also one of 32 pilots invited to Dubai all expenses paid for the World Drone Prix. Furadi is well known for being very active on social media and a source for people seeking information or unbiased data on new equipment that hits the market, making him one of the top drone racing pilots in the world.

Conrad joined Thrust-UAV in June 2016 in a Drone Tech Support role and Race Team Member. His drone racing background allows him to provide valuable insight into flight dynamics and proper performance of the RubiQ education drone.

Alex Zubko

Web Development / Marketing

With nearly 20 years of Web user-interface and product development, Alex has made a career working and collaborating with small and mid-sized organizations. After studying mechanical engineering at Cal Poly Pomona, Alex decided to strike out and become a freelance web designer in 1999. Soon after, Alex was programming and developing web software for large and small organizations alike, and worked his way to VP engineering and UI specialist for a fast-moving SAAS company.

After finding his passion, Alex spent years developing and deploying web products and technologies into back-office organizations. As social media matured, needs for web technology playing larger roles in marketing exploded. Looking to help companies with those specific needs, Alex continues to focus and apply his expertise toward facilitating their digital marketing success.

Jim Schmidt. Ed.D.

Educational Specialist

With over 20 years of experience in public school education and administration and a strong background in industry partnerships and workforce development, Dr. Schmidt is uniquely qualified to facilitate professional and program development initiatives in STEM areas. He has managed statewide training programs in the state of Idaho, including the creation of the Dehryl A. Dennis Professional Technical Center, one of the top high school technical educational facilities in the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Schmidt joined the PCS education team in 2007 after retiring from the Boise School District.

Kellie Dean

Trainer / Former Director of Curriculum Development

Kellie Dean proudly holds a BA in Elementary Education and is certified with the State of Idaho as a K-8 educator. Kellie’s career began with the Meridian School District where she spent 12 years as a classroom teacher. In 2001, Kellie left the classroom to begin her second career in education. She began writing, promoting and implementing an education program for a history museum. After 7 years at the Warhawk Air Museum, Kellie opened another door within the education profession, training teachers and after-school facilitators for PCS Edventures. Today she works as an instructional coach for the Emmett School District and moonlights as a PCS trainer.

Nikki Yates

Trainer / Former Director of STEM Lab Operations

Nikki Servatius is an Idaho native, receiving a BS in Environmental Policy and Planning from the University of Idaho before becoming an Environmental Education and Science Teacher in Colebrook, Connecticut. After a year of teaching, the world called her abroad so Nikki joined the Peace Corps as an Education Volunteer in a rural village in Tanzania where she taught biology and physics at an all-girls secondary school. After relocating to Boise, Nikki served as the PCS Edventures Lab Director for several years. She now has a Masters in STEM Education and teaches math and computer science at an alternative high school, where she continues to spread her passion for hands-on learning experiences.

Sonia Galaviz

Trainer / Consultant

Sonia Galaviz is a 5th-grade elementary teacher in Boise, Idaho. She has taught in both the primary and intermediate grades and teaches as an adjunct faculty for University of Phoenix and Boise State University. In 2009 she received the honor of Idaho Woman of the Year from the Idaho Business Review. In 2011 Sonia was one of five educators in the nation chosen to receive an award in Excellence in Culturally Responsive Pedagogy from Teaching Tolerance. Sonia serves on the state board for the Idaho Education Association and works with PCS to test curriculum and share STEM education best practices with other educators.