Individual STEM & STEAM Kits for Distance Learning

Are you looking for an easy way to supply hands-on STEM & STEAM materials to your students, whether they're learning in or out of the classroom? If so, you're in the right place.

Our STEM program experts are working with districts nationwide to provide supplies to all students through safe and engaging individual kits. Fill out the form below to connect with a STEMbassador or keep reading to learn more about some of the fun programs already being distributed by schools and after-school programs to their students.

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Check Out These Popular Individually-Kitted Enrichment Programs

Designed to be fun, stimulating, hands-on solutions with many subjects to choose from, our Enrichment Programs are perfect tools to create engaging STEM programs for students in grades 1-8. Upon request, individual-student supply kits, accompanied by standard curriculum and supplemental digital resources (presentation slides and activity videos), are available for as little as $42 per student, with a minimum purchase of 15 kits. Provide each student with their own individually-packaged set of materials, eliminating the need to share materials and making it easier to bring learning home.

Schools and after-school programs nationwide, including 21st CCLC, YMCA's, Parks and Recreation and others are benefiting by sending home these individual Enrichment kits that provide each student with all of the hands-on materials needed to succeed. 

Unleash Your Wild Side for grades 1-3

Explore ecosystems, animal adaptations and the different cultures of the world on this global adventure! Hands-on projects combine art with science as students learn about different habitats and creatures.

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Traveling Artist for grades 4-6

Travel the world without leaving home! Students explore world history through the artwork of different cultures and learn about the science and math behind each material and technique.

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