Drones and Hands-On STEM Education

Hands-on learning in the classroom is complicated, but the results of introducing hands-on learning strategies are distinct. Students who learn-by-...

The Science of Roller Coasters

It doesn't matter if you’re a seasoned veteran or climbing in for the first time, roller coasters are a staple of summer. From your county fair to ...

Hacking for Change

What comes to mind when you hear the word “hacking”? Most of our public conversation about hackers surrounds incidents of technological takeover. W...

The Truth About Summer "Break"

The end of the school year always holds so much promise. You think that as soon as you can spend your days outside of the classroom, it will be a s...

Teachers Get the Inside Scoop on Drones for Education

PCS Edventures had the honor of hosting a dynamic group of educators at its headquarters in Boise, Idaho. Teachers came from across the state to pa...

The Science Behind the Summer Solstice

As the longest day of the year, the traditions surrounding the Summer Solstice are almost as ancient as the humans they originated with. Known as t...

Celebrating Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th Birthday

Inspiring decades of new architects with the development of his unique style of architectural design, Frank Lloyd Wright is known by the American I...

Boosting Student STEM Interest Through Sports Science

At the highest levels of play, it’s easy to see that sports are a demonstration of pushing the body to its limits. But under the surface, sport is ...

Cultivating Healthy Learners: Student Nutrition & the Human Body

Just like how you can’t change the oil in your car without first learning how to do it (and more importantly, why you should change your oil), lear...

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