Out-of-the-Box STEM Funding

Can’t find a grant that will fully fund your STEM program? Never fear! While large-scale funding operations may be able to provide bigger grants, ...

Top 10 Tips to Building a Successful STEM Grant Proposal

In order to solve funding problems and increase STEM education opportunities, many teachers and organizations are turning to STEM grants. Once rese...

STEM Funding Resources Nationwide

So, you have some big dreams for the school year, but you’re not sure where the funds will come from. What do you do? One of the best ways to fund...

5 Reasons to Integrate Tech in Your STEM Program

With so many pieces of technology surrounding students at all times, educational spaces must choose how to handle the digital age — whether to brin...

SHEroes of STEM

History is full of heroes. Some wear capes and wield weapons, defending the lives of innocent citizens, while others pick up a pen to write the wor...

Integrating the Engineering Design Process in STEM Spaces

For any great design, there is a great plan. From Leonardo da Vinci to Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs, the inventors and innovators who created the wo...

Spark Early STEM Passions with Discover STEM LAB

When you first decide to introduce a new STEM program into your classroom, it can be hard to know where to start. Do you focus on one subject area,...

Student Grouping Strategies to Maximize Engagement

If you've ever studied probability, odds are, you’ve calculated some combinations. Let’s see if you can put your skills to the test in this real-wo...

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset: How to Create an Engaging Learning Environment

In late 2007, world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol S. Dweck, Ph. D., shook the psychology world with her publication of Mindset: T...

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