5 Reasons to Kickstart Summer with STEAM

5 Reasons to Kickstart Summer with STEAM

How can educators build a summer camp that stands out, engages learners and prepares them for the future? It’s simple — offer exciting, hands-on STEAM sessions. PCS Edventures’ programs seamlessly integrate into your camp’s schedule and are easily implemented by camp leaders of all experience levels. Our memorable STEAM activities engage campers and provide them with life-long benefits.

We’ve organized our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) programs into collections to help you quickly find the perfect fit for your summer camp. This blog features two collections, Enrichment Programs and BrickLAB, but we have several more you can view on our Collection Page.

  1. Enrichment Programs: Programs in this collection contain 12, one-hour lessons, ready-made resources and a comprehensive instructor guide. Campers love participating in this multi-subject, collaborative experience.
  2. BrickLAB: Programs in this collection are designed to thrill campers with manipulative-based learning using our signature “Perfect Bricks.” Kids work together to complete building challenges and explore various engaging topics.

Keep reading to discover why your camp should kickstart summer with a highly-engaging program from one of our STEAM collections.

1. Implementing STEAM is as Easy as Opening the Box!

In the summer, the excitement kids feel is palpable. Somehow they’re relaxed, yet brimming with anticipation for what the day has to offer. At PCS Edventures, we want educators to feel the same! Implementing a stress-free, ready-to-go STEAM program is key.

All of our programs are designed so any facilitator — educators, volunteers, parents and even students — can easily and confidently lead the lessons. Each all-inclusive program in our featured collections includes an extensive, reusable curriculum and organized materials. You’ll also find:

  • a daily schedule with estimated times for each activity.
  • steps to prep for the day’s lesson.
  • background information.
  • detailed lessons that are written in a consistent format.
  • scripted directions, questions and discussion prompts.
  • hand-outs and other supporting resources.

Make facilitating a breeze! Discover more ways you and campers can Stress Less with More STEM.

2. There’s a STEAM Activity for Every Learner

Summer is the perfect time for children to explore their unique interests. Our STEAM programs captivate all learners by providing a variety of fun, engaging activities. Is your camp teeming with engineers, sports stars, artists, writers, or mathematicians? PCS Edventures has programs to excite them all summer long!

We know all summer camps run differently — they have unique goals in mind. If your camp is trying to get kids' eyes off screens and deep into exploration, consider our many No Tech Summer STEAM Enrichment programs. For tech-based summer camps, we have programs that offer the opportunity to explore drones, coding or podcasting.

Curious about programs that’ll fit perfectly into your summer camp and engage your campers? Check out a few samples:


Rockin' Robots, grades 1-3 Ready, Set, Drone! grades 4-8 Discover Podcasting, grades 6-12


Dirt Camp, grades 1-3 BrickLAB Core, grades 1-6 60 Seconds or Less, grades 6-8


BrickLAB Tech, grades K-4 Build A Better World, grades 4-6 Structural Design, grades 6-8


Sports Science, grades 1-3 Science of the Human Body, grades 4-6 Flying Disc, grades 6-8


Plants and Seeds, grades 1-3 Traveling Artist, grades 4-6 Summer Camp Classics, grades 6-8


BrickLAB Magic Beans, grades 1-3 BrickLAB STEM Foundations, grades 4-6 Video Production, grades 4-8


BrickLAB Brain Builders, grades 1-3 Oceanic Exploration, grades 4-6 Survivor, grades 6-8

Keep in mind, this chart is just a small sample of what PCS Edventures has to offer. Our Enrichment Programs and BrickLAB collections have many more exhilarating, ready-to-go products for learners of all ages. Many are cross-curricular and target multiple standards. Be sure to view them all by downloading our STEAM Catalogs.

3. Strengthen All Kinds of Skills with STEAM

Take a moment to watch and listen to your campers this summer. You’ll notice when kids participate in STEAM activities and discussions, they’re strengthening a vast set of skills beyond academics. With the quality programs in our collections, you’ll see amazing growth in learners’ social skills and problem-solving skills.

Social Skills:

Teamwork is an essential part of our approach to STEAM learning. For example, campers work together to complete BrickLAB’s exhilarating building challenges. Similarly, in groups, they investigate various topics in our Enrichment Programs. Through these collaborative experiences, relationships blossom among peers. Individuals refine and strengthen their ability to communicate, participate in a team and confidently lead.

Problem-Solving Skills:

Problem-solving skills are composed of creative thinking and critical thinking skills. Both collections include design challenges that are not only thrilling but are perfect for reinforcing these skills. Campers must draw on past experiences and knowledge, then develop a creative solution. As kids participate in these fun experiences, they don’t realize they’re also exercising their ability to solve problems!

Campers don’t lose these skills once camp ends. They carry the skills with them through all aspects of life! There are many other valuable skills built through incidental learning to Enhance Executive Functioning with STEAM.

4. Branch Out of Comfort Zones with Collaborative STEAM Activities

There’s a world of new possibilities outside of one’s comfort zone, and educators are essential in helping kids discover it. So, how can you help campers step away from what’s familiar to try something new instead? In our collaborative STEAM collections, we embed numerous opportunities for campers to form strong bonds. Then, they explore new passions and skill sets together.

Take the Guided Practice component in BrickLAB Core’s lessons, for instance. In this component, campers investigate a potentially unfamiliar concept in pairs or groups. When campers work together, it’s natural for them to offer words of encouragement. With the support of their fellow campers, individuals are more likely to immerse themselves in something new.

In our Enrichment Programs, group discussions are essential when learning a new topic and completing activities. Campers talk things through with their peers, posing and answering questions. Through these collaborative discussions, individuals confidently branch out to participate in new and different activities.

Don’t forget this added bonus of STEAM programs! They lay the foundation for long-term friendships and support systems, which carry on long after summer ends. When campers return to school, they take the knowledge of their new experiences, friendships, interests and skill sets with them.

5. Spark an Interest in Future STEAM Careers

Careers in the STEM field are skyrocketing, and experienced talent is in high demand. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, “In 2021, there were nearly 10 million workers in STEM occupations, and this total is projected to grow by almost 11% by 2031, over two times faster than the total for all occupations.” PCS Edventures exposes campers to various STEAM careers, giving them a head start on their future.

Our programs thoroughly cover the many aspects of STEAM, allowing your campers to authentically experience STEAM Career Exploration in every engaging, hands-on lesson. For example, with our Enrichment Programs, campers may dabble in Discover Podcasting or Video Production, and strive for a career in technology. Perhaps they’ll pursue a career in environmental science after exploring nature through our Oceanic Exploration or Survivor programs. With our myriad of STEAM programs, every child is sure to be inspired.

Our littlest learners are captivated by the multi-subject programs in our BrickLAB collection. The cross-curricular STEAM lessons encourage our youngest campers to become mathematicians, authors, engineers, scientists and more! Explore additional academic benefits in our blog, The Science of Summer Camps.

No matter what STEAMventure you take your campers on, you’re sure to spark an interest in future STEAM careers.

Now Let’s Kickstart Your Camp’s STEAMventure!

PCS Edventures is happy to help you WOW your campers with thrilling STEAM sessions. If your camp is new to STEAM and you’re looking to try it out, we have the perfect freebie: Sweat It Out With 5 Frisbee-Based STEM Games.

Are you a STEAM veteran looking to fill your camp schedule with a variety of rich, comprehensive STEAM programs? We’ve got you covered, too!

A Year of STE(A)M Enrichment

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Author: Marissa Rosol

4th grade teacher and instructional coach, Marissa believes hands-on learning is the key to student engagement. Her love for literacy, STEAM and collaboration guides her instruction and PD sessions.

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