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The BrickLAB Collection hinges on the idea that important concepts blossom when they’re taught through dynamic and engaging hands-on activities. By utilizing manipulative-based learning in every lesson with our signature “Perfect Brick,” each innovative, reusable curriculum series works to promote individual academic success, instilling a lifelong love of STEAM every step of the way. Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and 21st Century Skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and innovation, BrickLAB ensures student readiness with its exploration of a wide range of STEM-based topics.

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BrickLAB Bricks-PCS
BrickLAB Bricks
  • 40.00 USD - 695.00 USD
BrickLAB Charade Card Set-PCS
BrickLAB Charade Card Set
  • 19.95 USD
BrickLAB Flower Power + History Activity Card Set-PCS
BrickLAB Flower Power + History Activity Card Set
  • 349.00 USD
BrickLAB STEAMventures: Flight Collection-PCS
BrickLAB STEAMventures: Flight Collection
  • 280.00 USD - 595.00 USD
BrickLAB STEAMventures: Transportation Collection-PCS
BrickLAB STEAMventures: Transportation Collection
  • 280.00 USD - 595.00 USD
BrickLAB STEAMventures: Food Collection-PCS
BrickLAB STEAMventures: Food Collection
  • 280.00 USD - 595.00 USD
BrickLAB Core-PCS
BrickLAB Core
  • 350.00 USD - 1,195.00 USD
BrickLAB Tech-PCS
BrickLAB Tech
  • 395.00 USD - 1,295.00 USD
BrickLAB STEM Foundations-PCS
BrickLAB STEM Foundations
  • 595.00 USD - 1,095.00 USD
BrickLAB Famous Architecture-PCS
BrickLAB Famous Architecture
  • 395.00 USD - 950.00 USD
BrickLAB Brain Builders-PCS
BrickLAB Brain Builders
  • 395.00 USD - 1,075.00 USD
BrickLAB Zoo-PCS
BrickLAB Zoo
  • 395.00 USD - 925.00 USD
BrickLAB Magic Beans-PCS
BrickLAB Magic Beans
  • 395.00 USD - 1,075.00 USD
BrickLAB Genetics-PCS
BrickLAB Genetics
  • 395.00 USD - 975.00 USD
The Science of Superpowers-PCS
The Science of Superpowers
  • 95.00 USD - 795.00 USD
Pirate Camp-PCS
Pirate Camp
  • 95.00 USD - 895.00 USD
Build a Better World-PCS
Build a Better World
  • 295.00 USD - 1,075.00 USD
Ready, Set, Drone! 3rd Edition-PCS
Ready, Set, Drone! 3rd Edition
  • 350.00 USD - 2,995.00 USD
BrickLAB Activity Cards-PCS
BrickLAB Activity Cards
  • 19.95 USD

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