BrickLAB BrickPACK (Bricks only)

  • 599.00 USD

Already have curriculum in your classroom or after-school program that would benefit from the incorporation of hands-on manipulatives? BrickLAB is the solution for you! With over 6,500 bricks in the box, over 30 students can be building simultaneously. From bridges, to habitats, to maps and more bricks can be used in almost every subject or activity! Bricks can even make mathematics more tangible for students to understand at a variety of levels.

In addition, according to the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA), “recent research on learning finds that many students learn best in experiential way--by doing rather than only seeing or hearing--and the study of technology emphasized and capitalizes on such active learning,” (2007). More and more instructors are moving towards hands-on learning and ways to make their lessons increasingly interactive. The most simple and versatile way to make this a reality in your classroom is to purchase the BrickLAB BrickPACKs!

Instantly make your current curriculum regime a hands-on learning experience for every student. Whether you have a wide array of student needs, or not, bricks bring students together to encourage imagination, innovation, collaboration, problem-solving and more. Recommended for students in grades 1-6, the BrickLAB has an unlimited amount of uses! If you are looking for accompanying curriculum, check out our BrickLAB Core, Tech, and STEM Foundations sets, along with our popular BrickLAB camps!

Choose from the classic colors BrickPACK or the vibrant colors! Offered in sets of 10 BrickPACKs or single BrickPACKs.

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