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The Drone Collection puts the world’s fastest-growing technology into the hands of students. Drones capture stunning aerial photography, save lives in modern-day search and rescue missions, collect snot samples from whales for scientific research, inspect vast agricultural landscapes, survey crocodile-infested waters, thrill spectators in FPV racing, bring medical supplies to war-torn areas, deliver pizzas in New Zealand and most importantly, they invigorate learning environments with hands-on aerial robotics lessons. From piloting skills, flight safety and the positive role they’re playing in our future, the world has fallen in love with drones — are you ready to do the same?

40 products found in Drones

Discover Drones Base Packages-PCS
Discover Drones Base Packages
  • 3,295.00 USD - 6,595.00 USD
Discover Drones Premium Packages-PCS
Discover Drones Premium Packages
  • 16,495.00 USD - 22,995.00 USD
Ready, Set, Drone! - Second Edition-PCS
Ready, Set, Drone! - Second Edition
  • 349.00 USD - 2,995.00 USD
Drone Designers: Exploring STEAM Careers-PCS
Drone Designers: Exploring STEAM Careers
  • 349.00 USD - 2,995.00 USD
Coding with Drones-PCS
Coding with Drones
  • 3,295.00 USD
Discover Mini Drones-PCS
Discover Mini Drones
  • 199.00 USD
Drone Pilot Ground School-PCS
Drone Pilot Ground School
  • 299.00 USD
Instructor Drone Kit-PCS
Instructor Drone Kit
  • 1,999.00 USD
Discover Drones Indoor Practice Add-On-PCS
Discover Drones Indoor Practice Add-On
  • 1,599.00 USD
Discover Drones Outdoor Practice Add-on-PCS
Discover Drones Outdoor Practice Add-on
  • 349.00 USD

Sold out

RubiQ Radio Transmitter-PCS
RubiQ Radio Transmitter
  • 0.00 USD
RubiQ LiPo Battery Charger-PCS
RubiQ LiPo Battery Charger
  • 75.00 USD
Droneology ED! App-PCS
Droneology ED! App
  • 12.99 USD

Sold out

Discover Drones - RubiQ Build Plans-PCS
Discover Drones - RubiQ Build Plans
  • 0.00 USD

Sold out

Discover Drones LABCards-PCS
Discover Drones LABCards
  • 0.00 USD

Sold out

Discover Drones Game Controller-PCS
Discover Drones Game Controller
  • 0.00 USD

Sold out

2200mAh 35C 3S LiPo Battery - RubiQ Drone-PCS
2200mAh 35C 3S LiPo Battery - RubiQ Drone
  • 0.00 USD
LiPo Safe Storage Bag-PCS
LiPo Safe Storage Bag
  • 20.00 USD
2 Blade Propellers - Green (4 pk)-PCS
2 Blade Propellers - Green (4 pk)
  • 4.99 USD
2-Blade Propellers - Orange (4 pk)-PCS
2-Blade Propellers - Orange (4 pk)
  • 4.99 USD
3-Blade Propellers - Dino (4 pk)-PCS
3-Blade Propellers - Dino (4 pk)
  • 4.99 USD
3-Blade Propellers - Red (4 pk)-PCS
3-Blade Propellers - Red (4 pk)
  • 4.99 USD

Sold out

Discover Drones Tether Cable-PCS
Discover Drones Tether Cable
  • 0.00 USD
Mini USB Cable (Right Angle)-PCS
Mini USB Cable (Right Angle)
  • 10.00 USD

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