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The Discover Series combines cutting-edge curriculum with new and highly relevant topics in programming, robotics, engineering, physics, drones, video production and several other exciting areas. By keying in on application-based learning, these turn-key kits help students gain integral 21st-century skills in areas like creative problem-solving and logic-based critical thinking. With each student-driven curriculum highlighting different concepts clearly aligned for specified age ranges, The Discover Series is the perfect way to turn any environment into a STEM makerspace, allowing educators to tap into the natural curiosities of their learners!

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Discover Drones Base Packages-PCS
Discover Drones Base Packages
  • 6,595.00 USD
Discover Drones Premium Packages-PCS
Discover Drones Premium Packages
  • 22,995.00 USD
Discover Advanced Coding with Drones-PCS
Discover Advanced Coding with Drones
  • 2,995.00 USD
Discover STEM LAB 3-4-PCS
Discover STEM LAB 3-4
  • 1,899.00 USD
Discover STEM Lab 5-6-PCS
Discover STEM Lab 5-6
  • 1,999.00 USD
Discover STEM LAB Dynamic Duo-PCS
Discover STEM LAB Dynamic Duo
  • 3,599.00 USD
Discover Robotics & Programming I-PCS
Discover Robotics & Programming I
  • 7,995.00 USD
Discover Robotics & Physics-PCS
Discover Robotics & Physics
  • 9,999.00 USD
Discover Cubelets-PCS
Discover Cubelets
  • 499.00 USD
Discover Engineering-PCS
Discover Engineering
  • 4,195.00 USD
Discover Robotics & Programming I LABCards (curriculum only)-PCS
Discover Robotics & Programming I LABCards (curriculum only)
  • 1,195.00 USD
Discover Robotics & Programming II LABCards (curriculum only)-PCS
Discover Robotics & Programming II LABCards (curriculum only)
  • 1,195.00 USD
Discover Robotics Duo - Programming & Physics-PCS
Discover Robotics Duo - Programming & Physics
  • 8,495.00 USD
Discover Digital Video LAB-PCS
Discover Digital Video LAB
  • 4,699.00 USD
Discover Cubelets LABCards Curriculum-PCS
Discover Cubelets LABCards Curriculum
  • 1,125.00 USD
Discover Digital Video LAB Curriculum-PCS
Discover Digital Video LAB Curriculum
  • 500.00 USD
3DIC - Discover Engineering Software-PCS
3DIC - Discover Engineering Software
  • 599.95 USD
RiQ | The Easy To Build And Program Robot Kit-PCS
RiQ | The Easy To Build And Program Robot Kit
  • 229.00 USD
Cubelets Discovery Set-PCS
Cubelets Discovery Set
  • 139.00 USD
Discover Blocksmith: 3D Coding & Design-PCS
Discover Blocksmith: 3D Coding & Design
  • 2,995.00 USD

Sold out

Discover Drones - RubiQ Build Plans-PCS
Discover Drones - RubiQ Build Plans
  • 0.00 USD
Discover Drones Indoor Practice Add-On-PCS
Discover Drones Indoor Practice Add-On
  • 1,699.00 USD

Sold out

Discover Drones LABCards-PCS
Discover Drones LABCards
  • 0.00 USD
Discover Drones Outdoor Practice Add-on-PCS
Discover Drones Outdoor Practice Add-on
  • 349.00 USD

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