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  • 479.00 USD
Take STEAM to the Silver Screen!

Work through 12 video production challenges on your way towards becoming a film director. With step-by-step instructions, students work independently with tablets and a student-driven curriculum.


  • Ages: 8-10
  • Number of Activities: 12 step-by-step builds and endless open-ended extensions
  • Subject Areas: Technology, Art/STEAM, English Language Arts Connections
  • Student-driven lessons to work independently
  • 100% Reusable: Tablets and Software are 100% reusable.

Student Projects:

  1. Learn the basics of tablets and use them to record interviews.
  2. Research a historical figure to interview in an imaginative video.
  3. Demonstrate a step-by-step task without using any words.
  4. Make a video interacting with an imaginary object.
  5. Find an interesting story in the local paper and create a news broadcast from it.
  6. Create a short movie about a cause and effect event.
  7. Create a video project with inanimate objects instead of people.
  8. Use a normal day as the subject for a documentary video.
  9. Create a documentary about a favorite pet, animal or insect.
  10. Perform a silly or interesting talent for a panel of judges, then create a fast-paced quiz show.
  11. Create an imaginary product and record a commercial to sell it, then compare two products and create a persuasive video about why one is better than the other.
  12. Write and perform a song, then write a story and sing it in a musical production.

Complete Program Includes:

  • Instructor Guide with answer keys: 1
  • Tablet: 1
  • Tablet cover: 1
  • Storage tub: 1

Educators & Homeschoolers:

For more information on academic standards and package deals for educators, visit Discover STEM Lab 3-4.

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