Discover Dynamics

  • 299.00 USD
Explore Physical Phenomena through Hands-On Experiments!

Tackle 12 hands-on physics challenges to discover the world of acceleration, motion, gravity and so much more. With step-by-step instructions and hands-on experiments, learners work independently with fischertechnik™ building blocks and a student-driven curriculum.


  • Ages: 10-12
  • Number of Activities: 12 step-by-step projects and endless open-ended extensions
  • Subject Areas: Physical Science, Earth Science, Engineering Design
  • Student-driven lessons to work independently
  • 100% Reusable: fischertechnik™ building blocks are 100% reusable. Just clean and reuse again and again.

Student Projects:

  1. Model an experiment to learn the relationship between force and dynamics.
  2. Solve equations to discover the relationship between mass and acceleration.
  3. Build two marble tracks to test track speeds and shapes.
  4. Experiment with the tracks to discover their relationship with gravity.
  5. Build and test a marble track loop.
  6. Experiment with the loop to better understand centrifugal force, gravitational force and energy.
  7. Build a halfpipe to experiment with kinetic and potential energy.
  8. Retest the halfpipe to evaluate the physics of friction.
  9. Test two marbles at the same time to experiment with the physics of elastic collisions.
  10. Construct a large obstacle course with an elevator.
  11. Build a second obstacle course with an automatic crossover.
  12. Build a mega-obstacle course with an elevator, loop, barrier, teeter-totter, cross-over and funnel.

Complete Program Includes:

  • Fun with Physics lesson booklet: 1
  • Building instructions for 7 roller coaster models: 1
  • fischertechnik™ building set: 1
  • Storage tub: 1

Educators & Homeschoolers:

For more information on academic standards and package deals for educators, visit Discover STEM Lab 5-6.

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