Workshop: Ignite Girls' Passion for STEAM

Workshop: Ignite Girls' Passion for STEAM

Workshop Recording:

About the Workshop:

Join Jessica Ventre, an experienced K-5 Science Instructional Coach and elementary educator, as she explores igniting girls’ passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM).

See how PCS Edventures’ many programs offer a variety of opportunities for educators to tap into girls’ strengths and interests, helping them develop a true love of STEAM that will last a lifetime.

When we are intentional about the conversations we have with learners, we provide opportunities for inclusion and understanding. Discover strategies you can start using in your learning environment right away!

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Congrats to our Winning Educators!

Three educators in attendance won their choice of a BrickLAB STEAMventures: Flight, Transportation or Food collection. Each collection includes activity books for 10 students and 1 instructor guide. (ARV $280.00)

Theresa Y.
Miami University E-Campus, OH

"The STEAM Studio would like the Food Collection, as we are going to use some of the materials for our Science Chef summer program."

Stephánia S.
Grace Covenant Academy, NC

"I am looking forward to instituting the prize to start 2nd grade STEM, both at the school and afterschool. This is EXCITING!"

Sherry F.
North Shore YMCA, MA

"This BrickLAB program will be a great addition to our already planned curriculum activities throughout the Culinary Weeks."

BrickLAB STEAMventures:

Three themed collections designed to give young learners
positive STEAM experiences.

BrickLAB STEAMventures enriches K-1 or 2-3 grade learning no matter the environment it’s introduced in! As a student-driven kit containing manipulatives, grade-appropriate curriculum and optional extensions, this program hinges around family engagement and a STEAM-themed activity book brimming with multi-subject integration.

Same Bricks, 3 Activity Book Collections

View BrickLAB STEAMventures

Meet the Panelist:

Jessica Ventre

An experienced elementary educator and science instructional coach, Jessica’s passion for STEM instruction and student-led learning is always at the forefront of her lessons and professional development workshops.


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