Tips, Tricks & Best Practices for Distance Learning

Tips, Tricks & Best Practices for Distance Learning

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Our STEM Development teachers had lots to share in this professional development webinar! The following resources can be downloaded and printed. Resources can also be modified to better serve your learning needs and objectives.

About the Webinar

As experts in STEM education, we are committed to finding solutions to help alleviate the pressure and stress that schools, colleges and universities are facing around the globe. In this pre-recorded professional development webinar, our team of STEM teachers have come together to share with you their tips, tricks and best practices to make the most of at home-learning.

Now that you’ve received your district’s expectations for setting up online learning, how can you establish and maintain momentum with online engagement? Not all families have the means for instant online communication. During the webinar recording our STEM teachers will examine some tools and strategies for communication that include both online and offline options and discuss how student choice impacts participation and motivation. They’ll also look at a variety of ways to increase engagement and deepen your students’ sense of community.

Who's on?

Erika Liebel

STEM Education Specialist & Curriculum Coordinator

Erika’s STEAM experiences include: developing AR/VR curriculum for Blocksmith Inc and Google for Education, serving as president of the Idaho Association of Teachers of Language and Culture, and assisting the Idaho Virtual Reality Council and the Idaho STEM Action Center in the creation of the VR4Ed grant to bring VR technology to rural school districts. Erika has worked in bilingual education in Spain and the United States, always incorporating STEAM strategies into her classroom.

Tyler Downey

STEM Education Specialist & Training Coordinator

Devoting himself to education for the last 20 years, Tyler has worked with students as an elementary classroom teacher, full-time gifted education instructor, librarian and he has even taught computer and information technology classes, as well as coding and hands-on science courses, in summer, after school and club classroom settings. Throughout his career, Tyler has passionately devoted himself to promoting critical thinking and a love for learning.


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