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At Edventures, our hands-on classroom products and engaging curriculum are designed by our staff of educators, with educators in mind. Being a classroom teacher has never been more demanding. Adapting STEM instruction to Common Core Standards makes teaching more complicated. Perhaps most challenging is the implementation of STEM concepts in a classroom where students have a variety of interests and a disparate capacity to learn. Our curriculum does not replace your current curriculum or add extra work for you. Rather, it is meant to enhance the topics you are already teaching with innovative, fun, and interactive, hands-on activities. 

Discover Drones Indoor Practice Add-On-PCS Quick shop
Ready, Set, Drone! Camp-PCS Quick shop
Discover Digital Video LAB-PCS Quick shop
Discover Robotics & Programming II LABCards (curriculum only)-PCS Quick shop
Discover Robotics Duo - Programming & Physics-PCS Quick shop
Discover Cubelets-PCS Quick shop

Discover Cubelets

499.00 USD

BrickLAB BrickPACK (Bricks only)-PCS Quick shop
Blocksmith Education-PCS Quick shop

Blocksmith Education

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Traveling Artist Camp-PCS Quick shop

Traveling Artist Camp

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