Teacher Appreciation — We Love Our Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation — We Love Our Teachers!

To celebrate and acknowledge all the hard work and dedication teachers pour into our students both in and out of the classroom, we held a special giveaway just for them during Teacher Appreciation Week in May of 2020.

To be entered into the giveaway, a teacher needed to be nominated in the comments on this page. All nominations included details on who the teacher waswhat school they represented and what grade or subject they teach. We received so many amazing nominations and stories about teachers across the US and are so thankful for all their hard work! 

Giveaway Winners & Prizes

Those who received a nomination were entered into the giveaway where three teachers won one of three prizes: An Individual STEM Kit of their choosing, a PCS Edventures $100 off coupon or a PCS Edventures $50 off coupon. Below are the giveaway winners who were randomly selected.

Grand Prize Winner

Our winning teacher nomination was submitted for Nancy Gonzales-Montez! Nancy teaches 6-8 grades students at Bernarda Jaime Junior High School in San Diego, Texas. Nancy selected the Discover Mini Drones Individual STEM Kit as her prize.

Discover Mini Drones

Grades: 4-12

From understanding UAV basics to introductory and advanced coding to Python courses, students will take to the sky using mini drones!


2nd Place Winner

Our second place teacher nomination winner was submitted for Beth Chappelear. Beth teachers 6-8 grade students at Heritage Middle School in Ringgold, Georgia. She is the recipient of a $100 off coupon that can be used towards the purchase of an Individual STEM Kit

3rd Place Winner

Our third place teacher nomination winner was submitted for Sharon Spencer. Sharon is a 2nd grade STEAM teacher at RB Wright Elementary School in Moultrie, Georgia. She is the recipient of a $50 off coupon that can be used towards the purchase of an Individual STEM Kit

*Minimum purchase required of $300.00 or more at edventures.com


Mrs. Amanda Cayler-Harris, 6th grade Math teacher at Notus Elementary School in Notus, Idaho, has a passion for STEM teaching. She sparks excitement for STEM in our students!


I nominate Miss Angela Sagisi. Angela is a 4th grade General Education Teacher at Queen Kaahumanu Elementary School (QKS) in Honolulu, Hawaii. Angela has been a teacher for over eight years at QKS. She embodies the spirit of student empowerment and student voice. As her Special Education Inclusion partner, I am amazed everyday as she blends place-based education and technology using a multidisciplinary approach to captivate our students. She teachers Math with a vigorous passion that illuminates the classroom. She co-wrote a STEM grant for $10,000 that allowed QKS to purchase 30 Virtual Reality Technology Student headsets. Angela is a trailblazer for student advocacy and teacher voice. She is definitely a graceful and amazing role model for teachers and students.

Mary E. Bonnetty

I nominate Mrs. Charles. She teaches at Albertville Midde Schoo, Albertville Alabama. She teachers 7th Grade. The class she teaches is Computer Science and STEM. She deserves to win something because she loves to teach STEM. She is aways writing grants to get more things for us to use in our classroom. Now would be a great time to give back to her. She loves us and wants the best for us. I love her class. She is always wanting us to learn even through this distance learning. She figures it out for us. She deserves to win. I hope she does.


I would like to nominate Mrs. Arie Sparkman. Mrs. Sparkman is a dedicated 1st-3rd grade math teacher at Project Impact STEM Academy in Kuna, ID. Mrs. Sparkman works hard to makes sure that her math lessons connect to each Project-based Learning integrated unit, allowing her students to see how math is applied in the real-world. Shes is the first to volunteer when someone needs help. During the COVID-19 pandemic she volunteered to ride the bus to help deliver work packets to her students on late start online-learning Monday. During her on-line lessons she holds Google meets and engages the students in doing math activities right alongside her, helping students re-engage and stay on task, just as if they were in the same room as her. Mrs. Sparkman goes the extra mile to help all her students feel connected and cared about. The perfect Teacher Appreciation gift for Mrs. Sparkman is the Discover Digits & Design kit.

Jill Hettinger

I would like to nominate Mrs. Athea Prillaman. Mrs. Prillaman is a 7th-10th grade technology teacher at Project Impact STEM Academy in Kuna, Idaho. Mrs. Prillaman has given a lot of time and effort to help get our entire K-10 school fitted with Chromebooks for online learning and provided countless hours of tech support to families during the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to her teaching duties. She is looking at integrating technology and agriculture through the use of drones in her classes. So, the Discover Mini Drone would be the perfect Teacher Appreciation gift to help continue her STEM journey.

Jill Hettinger

I would like to nominate Mrs. Sharon Spence a 2nd grade STEAM teacher at RB Wright Elementary in Moultrie, GA. Mrs. Spencer has come a long way in her STEAM journey. When I first started helping her make the transition to a STEAM teacher, I remember the day she said, “Bonnie, you are making me like science.” Now 4 years later, she can’t get enough. Everyday she takes a photo with a smile and says she is headed to school. She calls my room all the time wanting more supplies for her students STEAM projects. She has been an essential part of the 2nd grade Pollinator Garden and Seed Bomb Project. I can’t wait to teach more in the next few years with her. Excellent passion!

Bonnie Kirkley

I am nominating our science department at Lincoln Middle School in Oceanside, CA as they each go above and beyond for our whole community. They are avid researchers and collaborators that deserve all the praise in the world. They all offer extra-curricular experiences outside our working hours and have a passion for teaching STEM/PLTW and now Amplify lessons in interactive ways! Nominating; Colleen Ludka, Deann Bloomer, Britain Bulicki, Cameron Gurney, Sara Fraschetti, Suzy Cooper, Shay Johnson

Lulu Fernandez

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