Teacher Appreciation — We Love Our Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation — We Love Our Teachers!

To celebrate and acknowledge all the hard work and dedication teachers pour into our students both in and out of the classroom, we held a special giveaway just for them during Teacher Appreciation Week in May of 2020.

To be entered into the giveaway, a teacher needed to be nominated in the comments on this page. All nominations included details on who the teacher waswhat school they represented and what grade or subject they teach. We received so many amazing nominations and stories about teachers across the US and are so thankful for all their hard work! 

Giveaway Winners & Prizes

Those who received a nomination were entered into the giveaway where three teachers won one of three prizes: An Individual STEM Kit of their choosing, a PCS Edventures $100 off coupon or a PCS Edventures $50 off coupon. Below are the giveaway winners who were randomly selected.

Grand Prize Winner

Our winning teacher nomination was submitted for Nancy Gonzales-Montez! Nancy teaches 6-8 grades students at Bernarda Jaime Junior High School in San Diego, Texas. Nancy selected the Discover Mini Drones Individual STEM Kit as her prize.

Discover Mini Drones

Grades: 4-12

From understanding UAV basics to introductory and advanced coding to Python courses, students will take to the sky using mini drones!


2nd Place Winner

Our second place teacher nomination winner was submitted for Beth Chappelear. Beth teachers 6-8 grade students at Heritage Middle School in Ringgold, Georgia. She is the recipient of a $100 off coupon that can be used towards the purchase of an Individual STEM Kit

3rd Place Winner

Our third place teacher nomination winner was submitted for Sharon Spencer. Sharon is a 2nd grade STEAM teacher at RB Wright Elementary School in Moultrie, Georgia. She is the recipient of a $50 off coupon that can be used towards the purchase of an Individual STEM Kit

*Minimum purchase required of $300.00 or more at edventures.com


I nominate Anson Contreras. He is the Engineering, Robotics, and Geometry teacher at Western Academy Charter School in Royal Palm Beach Florida. He teaches 6th – 8th grade students. He has an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Central Florida and is an ex-Patent Examiner. He has a great connection with his students and is always striving to instill great work ethic within his students that would help them beyond the classroom. Mr. Contreras spends his free time playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading, watching anime, and playing guitar.

Sanaa Dharamsey

I nominate Beth Chappelear at Heritage Middle School in Ringgold, GA. She initiated the first STEM class at Heritage Middle this year. Beth goes above and beyond to provide her 6th-8th grade students an incredible experience when they come into her STEM class each day.

Melissa Travillian

I nominate Ebonee Maxey. She is a Chemistry teacher at First Coast High School in Jacksonville, FL. Ebonee teaches 10th -12th grade students. She is the only chemistry teachers at her school but works within a dynamic Science Dept. She graduated with a Bio Chem degree and could have went to work in the private sectors but decided to give back through education. The news was always stated there was a teacher shortage and people were needed to fill all the open positions. Well, a decision was made that teaching was what she would do next and delay private industry employment with much better pay. While teaching, Ebonee felt needed and empowered to help develop the next level of greatness in her students. She started tutoring, clubs, volunteered and became a sports team coach. She also decided to return to school for an advance degree (masters) in STEM Education, ironically. She has a love for STEM education and it is truly represented in her classroom daily and how she lives her personal life.

Angela Williams

I nominate Beth Chappelear. She is our STEM teacher at Heritage Middle School in Ringgold, GA. This past year was the first year we had this class and Beth has done phenomenal things. She makes STEM fun and super engaging for our students. Our students absolutely love her class and are really learning some awesome skills. It makes me what to be a part of her classroom.

Kristi Smallen

I nominate Shauna Deal. Shauna is a Tech. Ed. teacher at Troutman Middle School in Troutman, NC. Shauna teaches 6-8 grade students the NC Tech. Ed. curriculum. Shauna is a very dedicated teacher and strives to make her lessons apply to the real world for her students.

Olivia Atchley

I nominate Sarah Brame. Sarah was selected our TOY and teaches 1st grade at Northwest Elementary. She is always incorporating technology into her lessons. Her 1st graders love learning using the technology she teaches with each and everyday.

Angelia D. Kiger

I nominate Mrs. Livas teaches 5th-grade students at Bonnie Elementary School in Laredo, Texas. I am nominating her because she continues to be a sponge and learn new interactive teaching methods to ensure her students learn in a fun, safe environment. I appreciate her enthusiasm and commitment for making students, co workers, and parents feel comfortable in her approach.

Juan L.

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