Teacher Appreciation — We Love Our Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation — We Love Our Teachers!

To celebrate and acknowledge all the hard work and dedication teachers pour into our students both in and out of the classroom, we held a special giveaway just for them during Teacher Appreciation Week in May of 2020.

To be entered into the giveaway, a teacher needed to be nominated in the comments on this page. All nominations included details on who the teacher waswhat school they represented and what grade or subject they teach. We received so many amazing nominations and stories about teachers across the US and are so thankful for all their hard work! 

Giveaway Winners & Prizes

Those who received a nomination were entered into the giveaway where three teachers won one of three prizes: An Individual STEM Kit of their choosing, a PCS Edventures $100 off coupon or a PCS Edventures $50 off coupon. Below are the giveaway winners who were randomly selected.

Grand Prize Winner

Our winning teacher nomination was submitted for Nancy Gonzales-Montez! Nancy teaches 6-8 grades students at Bernarda Jaime Junior High School in San Diego, Texas. Nancy selected the Discover Mini Drones Individual STEM Kit as her prize.

Discover Mini Drones

Grades: 4-12

From understanding UAV basics to introductory and advanced coding to Python courses, students will take to the sky using mini drones!


2nd Place Winner

Our second place teacher nomination winner was submitted for Beth Chappelear. Beth teachers 6-8 grade students at Heritage Middle School in Ringgold, Georgia. She is the recipient of a $100 off coupon that can be used towards the purchase of an Individual STEM Kit

3rd Place Winner

Our third place teacher nomination winner was submitted for Sharon Spencer. Sharon is a 2nd grade STEAM teacher at RB Wright Elementary School in Moultrie, Georgia. She is the recipient of a $50 off coupon that can be used towards the purchase of an Individual STEM Kit

*Minimum purchase required of $300.00 or more at edventures.com


Mrs. Nancy Gonzalez-Montez teaches 6th-8th grade students at Bernarda Jaime Junior High School in San Diego, Texas. I am nominating her because she was the first ever STEM instructor on the campus. She has a drive to help students succeed in STEM. She motivates her students to enter Science Fair, Robotics, and doew great STEM projects with her students. She LOVES what she does. She will go out of her way not only to help students but also her collegues as well. She will spend hours trying to help them to really feel comfortable with the technology (especially now due to Covid-19 Lockdowns). She is Amazing!

Anthony Montez

I nominate the famous two time “Looper” Rachel Stickler! She has only had two sets of students over the past 7 years. Rachel has looped with her class from K-4 and now 1st-4th. She is innovative, clever, and fun. Over the past few years, she has emphasized STEAM with her students and created some great projects. STEAM has reinforced student inquiry and problem-solving in her classroom. Give her a challenge and she owns it!

Renee Kent

Melissa Rowe is a Kindergarten teacher at Newkirk Elementary in Oklahoma. She is a teacher that expects her students to give what they can. She challenges them to become strong readers plus has structured math lessons. Melissa puts in countless hours before and after school to help her kids (students) to reach goals. As well as making sure they are ready for 1st grade. This isn’t a job to her, its her calling. During Covid-19 she has stepped up to make sure her parents and kids are still accountable. If they need her late in the evening or early morning because that’s the only time they have to meet. Then she is there for them. She doesn’t just assign work and leave it at that. She works with them through Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or over the phone whatever means they have access to. The still have group calls for show n tell, so the friends get to see each other and talk about what they have been doing. They love seeing each other they get so excited. All because she cares.


Cheryl Farnsworth teaches STEM and Robotics at Window Rock High School on the Navajo Nation Reservation. She is very creative, innovative, and does what she can with limited resources. She also is involved with the Alternative Sports Club and was the head sponsor for the Junior Class.

Roshelle S'Gleason

I nominate Beth Chappelear at Heritage Middle School in Ringgold, GA. HMS haD their first STEM class this year because of her. She goes above and beyond for all her students. The students love her and she loves them! They learn so much from her each day and have fun doing it. #SheIsDeserving

LeAnn Gross

Melanie Christensen is a science teacher here at Hawthorne Middle School. She recently received certification to be a drone instructor! However, we don’t have any drones at Hawthorne. She is excited to get 21st century tools into the hands of our students and could really use some help with getting some drones in our classrooms. Here in Pocatello, ID, we have access to many interesting geographical and geological features that would be flying drones a wonderful learning experience!

Heidi Kessler

I nominate Becky Scherer, a special education teacher here at Hawthorne Middle School. Becky teaches a coding class and is able to teach struggling learners skills they need in technology fields so that they will be prepared for high school and a career someday. Learning to use technology is important to ALL learners, not just gifted students, and she makes the information accessible to these students. The students gain a lot of confidence and are engaged in learning about how coding and technology works.

Heidi Kessler

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