Teacher Appreciation — We Love Our Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation — We Love Our Teachers!

To celebrate and acknowledge all the hard work and dedication teachers pour into our students both in and out of the classroom, we held a special giveaway just for them during Teacher Appreciation Week in May of 2020.

To be entered into the giveaway, a teacher needed to be nominated in the comments on this page. All nominations included details on who the teacher waswhat school they represented and what grade or subject they teach. We received so many amazing nominations and stories about teachers across the US and are so thankful for all their hard work! 

Giveaway Winners & Prizes

Those who received a nomination were entered into the giveaway where three teachers won one of three prizes: An Individual STEM Kit of their choosing, a PCS Edventures $100 off coupon or a PCS Edventures $50 off coupon. Below are the giveaway winners who were randomly selected.

Grand Prize Winner

Our winning teacher nomination was submitted for Nancy Gonzales-Montez! Nancy teaches 6-8 grades students at Bernarda Jaime Junior High School in San Diego, Texas. Nancy selected the Discover Mini Drones Individual STEM Kit as her prize.

Discover Mini Drones

Grades: 4-12

From understanding UAV basics to introductory and advanced coding to Python courses, students will take to the sky using mini drones!


2nd Place Winner

Our second place teacher nomination winner was submitted for Beth Chappelear. Beth teachers 6-8 grade students at Heritage Middle School in Ringgold, Georgia. She is the recipient of a $100 off coupon that can be used towards the purchase of an Individual STEM Kit

3rd Place Winner

Our third place teacher nomination winner was submitted for Sharon Spencer. Sharon is a 2nd grade STEAM teacher at RB Wright Elementary School in Moultrie, Georgia. She is the recipient of a $50 off coupon that can be used towards the purchase of an Individual STEM Kit

*Minimum purchase required of $300.00 or more at edventures.com

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I nominate my teaching partner, Anna Krob. She teaches math and science. The kids love her. She comes up with fun and exciting lessons for the students, such as glow day Harry Potter themed videos, etc.

Valerie McElroy

I would like to nominate Beth Chappelear at Heritage Middle School. Beth not only teaches our STEM class, but she heads the News team that has been bringing us news updates throughout this pandemic; she is tech support to students, teachers, and parents alike who have struggled with school going entirely online; she has also sent useful links and tech tips to help teachers and administrators find new ways to capture student’s attention; she has created a site where the school can go to find resources and collaborate with each other; most of all, Beth has been willing to do anything to help our school transition and be successful during this time. She loves our students and she loves our school. If you would ask anyone at our school who the MVP of this year would be, 80% would say Beth Chappelear!!

Rachel Reid

I would like to nominate Jordan Ross at Stuart Elementary in Shelley Idaho. Mr. Ross brings fun and excitement to our students as they learn about physical science. Mr. Ross is loved by his students and wants to make learning enjoyable for his students.

Brandon Crain

I want to nominate Chris Fielding. He teaches math and our industrial arts class at Hobbs Middle School in Shelley Idaho. Chris is always looking for ideas to make learning fun and interactive for students. He is a great teacher and students love being in his class.

Brandon Crain

I nominate Lesa Shenton. She teaches 4th grade at Henry’s Fork Elementary in St. Anthony, Idaho. I appreciate how she works with her students and the staff (all staff). She puts in many extra hours making her students know they are loved.

Sheila Burnet Nedrow

I would like to nominate Beth Chappelear, our robotics teacher at Heritage Middle School. She is an outstanding teacher to her students and teachers. She has gone above and beyond to help our school with our technology issues during Distant Learning. She works countless hours everyday to help all of us.

Shannon Torbett

Mrs. Tammy Hedgepeth, our media and digital literacy leader works tirelessly to ensure all of our students have access to books, computers, anything to help them achieve success. Our school is high poverty and has flooded twice, but there are no roadblocks to success and time on task for all our great scholars to dream big!

Debbie Cobb

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