Discover STEM LAB Dynamic Duo

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Double the STEM, Double the FUN!

Discover STEM LAB-Dynamic Duo is designed to ignite student curiosity, nurture creative thinking foster hands-on discovery and nourish learner-driven education. This reusable kit is bursting with enlightening, scaffolded projects in areas that students are actively interested in, providing a perfect blend of STEM learning and fun. With manipulatives from Cubelets, fischertechnik and more, every lesson, learners perform science projects, engage in the engineering design process, build machines, experiment with geometry, invent their own incredible creations and reflect on the day’s activities. As turn-key, mini-makerspaces, Discover STEM LAB-Dynamic Duo is the perfect STEM solution for classrooms, after-school programs or summer camps.

Grades: 3-4, 5-6
Students: Up to 48
Contact Hours: 170+

Subject Targets:

Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, Technology, Engineering Design, Robotics & Coding, Art/STEAM, Math Connections. English Language Arts Connections

Recommended Settings:

  • Libraries and makerspaces
  • After-school programs and clubs
  • Teachers looking for hands-on STEM stations for elementary classrooms

Discover STEM LAB 3-4:

STEM is all about cross-curricular exploration and integration, and in Discover STEM LAB 3-4, students explore the myriad of ways STEM concepts can create one-of-a-kind foundational learning experiences through scaffolded, reusable activities. Whether it’s the engineering design process or extended math concepts, each of the D-STEM modules was carefully selected for their easily-integrated, multi-subject capacity, and contains everything you need to introduce engaging topics in any learning environment. Like a mini-makerspace, use each module as an individual platform, or blend them for unique learning experiences. Try constructing creatures with BrickLAB Zoology, then sprinkle in the moviemaking magic of Digital Video LAB to create exciting student films. Creativity reigns supreme in Discover STEM LAB 3-4.

Discover STEM LAB 5-6:

As the ultimate STEM enrichment tool, Discover STEM Lab 5-6 can be easily integrated into after-school programs, classrooms and any learning environment looking for reusable, scaffolded STEM invigoration. Whether it’s the engineering design process or a survey of sustainability, this curriculum was designed to be specifically useful for late elementary students as they begin to transition to more difficult subjects in middle school. With over 70 contact hours, each module encourages independent student exploration and creative thinking by fostering a mini-makerspace mentality where discovery and intrigue reign supreme.

Product Orientation:

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Included Curriculum:

Science: BrickLAB Zoology

In BrickLAB Zoology, 12 student-driven lessons combine manipulative-based learning for a life-science deep dive. Utilizing PCS Edventures building bricks, BrickLAB Zoology is full of hands-on lessons in animal adaptation, biological innovations and everything you need to send students down the science rabbit hole. Challenging learners to examine innovations in the animal kingdom, BrickLAB Zoology creates a collaborative connection between the human and animal world, allowing learners to uncover precisely how our very different species are intertwined.

Technology: Digital Video LAB

Start a film-intensive with application-based, collaborative curriculum and survey digital documentaries, historical recreations and original films as intrinsic motivation guides creative thinking. With a simple startup, step-by-step scaffolded activities and built-in reflections, this series easily introduces challenging and reusable video production skills into any learning environment.

Engineering: Discover Cubelets

Discover Cubelets powers creative thinking through engineering and foundational robotic programming. Cubelets are a brick- compatible system of robot blocks that sense, think and act. Bundled with PCS Edventures reusable, scaffolded curriculum, these bricks are endless sources of programming and engineering design fun. With boundless bundles of creativity, get ready to sprout robotic and computational thinking skills with Discover Cubelets.

Math: Discover Digits & Design

The Discover Digits & Design curriculum includes 12 student activities, divided into four groups based on fun and engaging math manipulatives. With student curriculum pages designed for independent exploration in a learner-driven environment, each problem-solving activity emphasizes specific math principles and grade-level appropriate math standards, and is scaffolded so learners move upward through Bloom’s Taxonomy as they gain experience and understanding of the math concepts and extensions involved.

Included Curriculum:

Science: Discover Dynamics

Explore physical phenomena like acceleration, inertia, the principles of linear motion, equilibrium of forces and the laws of motion with Discover Dynamics. Combining hands-on experiments with easy-to-follow curriculum, this kit allows students to discover the secrets of centrifugal force, gravity, acceleration and the conservation of energy all while engaging in a welcoming, student-driven environment. From building their own STEM identities to engaging with foundational concepts, Discover Dynamics encourages independent student exploration to get students excited about learning!

Technology: Discover Robotics & Programming

Discover Robotics & Programming combines an application-based curriculum with high-quality mechanical building pieces for a scaffolded experience, teaching basic programming logic in the context of mechanical and engineering design process challenges. With curriculum developed around a growth mindset and creative problem-solving skills, Discover Robotics and Programming is flexible, empowering educators to integrate hands-on STEM into virtually any educational environment.

Engineering: Discover Engineering

Discover Engineering is a fast-moving, reusable kit that prepares students to adapt to today’s rapidly evolving technologies. Jumping from wheels and pulleys to different types of gears, this scaffolded curriculum has students problem-solve and utilize the engineering design process as they build upon each day’s iterative concepts to combine what they’ve learned into more complex systems.

Math: Discover Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is an important source of power today and will become even more critical in the future. The Discover Renewable Energy: Solar Beginner set is perfectly designed to help students understand the possibilities of solar energy. Building solar-powered boats and cars which run by generating electricity from the sun using a solar module, this kit combines ethics and STEM for modern learning and discovery of the possibilities of sustainability through renewable energy.

Complete Program Includes:

For the complete detailed list of included materials, please see the Discover STEM LAB 3-4 and the Discover STEM LAB 5-6 Spec Sheets which can be found under "Downloads" tab.

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