Out-of-the-box STEM/STEAM Programming Part 2

Out-of-the-box STEM/STEAM Programming Part 2

About the Webinar

Tune in to our second installment of Out-of-the-box STEM/STEAM Programming where our hosts will guide you through a new set of Enrichment Programs! Designed for students in grades 1-8, these hands-on learning solutions were developed to engage students with projects in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

To help better understand Enrichment Programs and how they fit into your learning environment, our hosts developed an “Enrichment Program Pyramid.” This pyramid was designed to highlight program characteristics such as ease of implementation, reusability and what you can expect in terms of valuable student takeaways.

With 20+ Enrichment Programs available, find out why these turn-key learning solutions are so popular!

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Unfortunately, we experienced some audio issues this session. If you are having difficulty understanding some parts of the video, please turn on closed captions or take a look at the full transcript.

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Who's on?

Michelle Victor

Director of STEM Development

Joining PCS in early 2015, Michelle and her unique skill set have thrived as Director of STEM Development, where she is responsible for curriculum evolution, product development coordination and professional lead acquisition. Earning her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Cornell University in 2011 and Master of Arts in Teaching from Willamette University in 2013, she started teaching high school biology and chemistry in Salem, Oregon. Later moving to math and science in Umatilla, Oregon, she brings a long list of achievements and experience to her position.

From coaching middle school robotics teams and working as program resource staff at summer camps, to tutoring elementary through adult math students at the Sylvan Learning Center, undergraduate chemistry students at Cornell Learning Strategies Center and Spanish-speaking farmworkers through Cornell Friends of Farmworkers, Michelle’s vast educational adventures solidify her as an expert in STEM education and as an integral part of the PCS Edventures team.

Megan Ogawa

Marketing Assistant

Originally from Hawaii, Megan moved to Idaho to pursue her undergraduate education at Boise State University and graduated in the Spring of 2019 with her degree in Marketing. Before finding her calling in Marketing, Megan worked within the before and after-school and summer programming space as a Group Leader for the YMCA. As a Group Leader, Megan was responsible for planning, developing and implementing a variety of activities for program participants in grades K-8. Although not a certified education specialist or teacher, during her time as a Group Leader, Megan often felt like one. From creating lesson plans to communicating with parents regularly, she got a glimpse of what it felt like to be a teacher and carries that experience with her into PCS Edventures.

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