Drone Designers Pilot Program

Drone Designers Pilot Program

Putting STEAM Programming to the Test

PCS Edventures' Erika Liebel, teacher and curriculum developer, partnered with Melanie Bemis, a Wood River Middle School educator, to pilot Drone Designers: Exploring STEAM Careers in her Leadership classroom. Students worked through the engineering design process, mirroring the roles of world-renowned drone production teams at Verity Studios. Students took on the real-life roles of choreographers, costume designers, project managers and more as they orchestrated their final performance.

Pilot programs such as this are a critical part of PCS Edventures’ curriculum development process. After all, how could we be the experts in hands-on STEM education without getting hands-on experience ourselves? These tests ensure that our programs drive student interest and provide educators with user-friendly resources to support a smooth implementation.

From newspaper articles to radio interviews, the results and feedback from this pilot program have been phenomenal. Orders for Drone Designers grow daily as we continue to see schools adopting drone programs. Other STEM education organizations are even incorporating these UAVs into their professional development programs.

Since 2020, Idaho STEM Action Center has offered Drone Designers training to Idaho educators during their summer professional development programs. Their Drone Designers grant program has reached over 58 sites, many of which are rural.

To date, this mini-drone career exploration has reached over 10,000 students across the US.

Thinking of starting your own Drone Designers program?

The response to the pilot was so positive that Melanie’s school board approved Drone Designers as an ongoing elective course. In our latest Teacher’s POV interview, find out what Melanie has planned for her new drone-focused elective that will incorporate Drone Designers and Ready, Set, Drone!.

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Students taking on their individual production roles.
Behind the Scenes: Students taking on their individual creative and technical roles.


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Student creating drone costume.
Student with Lead Designer role creating drone costumes.