Melanie Bemis's Experience with Drone Designers

Melanie Bemis's Experience with Drone Designers

Melanie Bemis is a middle school Gifted & Talented teacher at Wood River Middle School in Hailey, Idaho. In 2019, she and her 7th grade class piloted the new mini-drone program, Drone Designers: Exploring STEAM Careers. After the pilot, the school approved the program to be a permanent elective course.

Join Erika Leibel, the author of Drone Designers, as she discusses the pilot program with Melanie.

  • What is your teaching background? (0:00)
  • How was getting started with the Drone Designers pilot? (2:10)
  • What were your first impressions of the program? (3:57)
  • How was the first day of Drone Designers? (5:48)
  • How did you feel about the student experience? (7:05)
  • What were some of your favorite moments? (8:50)
  • What made you want to pursue Drone Designers as an elective course? (14:20)
  • What does your ongoing funding process look like? (21:25)
  • What did you think about the entry points for students in Drone Designers? (22:46)
  • What are your plans for the future of your drone program? (26:18)

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