Drone Careers: Emergency Services

Drone Careers: Emergency Services

As UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), drones are just that – unmanned. This, combined with their agility and versatility, makes them a valuable tool for emergency services. From supporting firefighters to reconstructing accidents, there are endless ways that drones are being used to improve emergency response and public safety.

Keep reading to learn how drones are supporting emergency service workers, as well as how educators can set their learners up for success in a field that saves lives.

How Drones Support Firefighters:

With thermal sensors and the ability to carry heavy payloads, drones can locate the source of a house fire, resupply wildland firefighters with equipment and first aid and even put out fires in skyscrapers.

Check out these examples of how drones can save lives during fires:

Human emergency responders are limited by fatigue and stress, but drones can run at any time of day for as long as necessary. In addition to supporting firefighters, drones are also able to support and protect law enforcement officers to improve public safety.

Drones in Public Safety:

Drones are used by many police departments to improve public and officer safety. Because they can reach locations quickly without putting an officer in harm’s way, drones are valuable tools in accident reconstruction, disaster relief, search and rescue and more.

As explained by Gemma Alcock, CEO of SkyBound Rescuer in England:

“Drones in search and rescue have two functions. We can clear wide areas using cameras exactly as a helicopter does, but rather than waiting for a helicopter to be deployed, you can be in the air instantly.

The other use is situational awareness: say during a flood, you can’t rely on Google Maps. Drones allow us to safely get a sense of the lay of the land.” (Segalov, 2018)

Take a look at some of the ways drones are used in search and rescue, traffic accidents, criminal investigations and more to help keep the public safe:

How to Enter Emergency Service Fields with Drones:

Are your students interested in improving their communities with drones? Here’s how to set them up for success in any emergency services field with a drone focus:

  1. Learn Drone Regulations and How to Fly
  2. Part 107 Certification and Insurance
  3. Pair with Furthered Education

1. Learn Drone Regulations and How to Fly

All great drone pilots start by simply learning how to get off the ground. There are many courses out there that introduce learners to all areas of drone flight, from safety and legal regulations to flying manually and even coding autonomous flight missions.

For educational packages for upper-elementary, middle and high school learning environments, complete with drone equipment, curriculum and educator training, check out PCS Edventures’ popular indoor and outdoor drone programs:

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2. Part 107 Certification and Insurance

New drone pilots aspiring to make a profession out of their flying skills will be required to get FAA Part 107 certified. This certification applies to all pilots performing commercial drone flights. PCS Edventures’ drone programs can get your students started learning about drones and exploring potential careers, and our partners at UAV Coach have their licensing needs covered!

Additionally, many employers require their drone pilots to be insured. Educators can learn more about drone insurance in our article, Do I Need Drone Insurance? Know the Facts!

3. Pair with Furthered Education

New pilots can pair their Part 107 certification with traditional emergency services training to bring this cutting-edge technology to their chosen field. Certifications or a degree in areas such as emergency medical care, fire science, criminal justice or law enforcement will set new pilots on a track toward saving lives.

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