A Solid Foundation Paves The Way To Opportunity

A Solid Foundation Paves The Way To Opportunity

The FAA’s Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification has been creating a buzz. Why? Because it empowers teachers like you to help students realize the potential and opportunity that comes with becoming a certified drone pilot.

To enter the workforce as a drone operator, it is necessary to become part 107 certified. Knowing how to legally navigate the public airspace is important. But, that’s only a part of it. For students to truly leverage their interest in drones into a career opportunity, there’s so much more to explore.

Discover Drones is an excellent resource that provides a solid foundation in the basics of drone technology and applications for anyone interested in working with drones professionally.

Coupled with a part 107 prep course like the one offered by Drone Pilot Ground School, Discover Drones gives new drone enthusiasts the opportunity to learn about how drones work, how they are being used and what opportunities may lie in the future – while at the same time teaching them basic piloting skills.

Through the use of our innovative LABCards and our exciting video course, Droneology, Discover Drones provides the tools for users to learn much, much more than just how to read air maps and what regulations the FAA has put in place to govern drone flight.

Droneology introduces users to the world or drones in small, easy-to-digest chunks that cover topics like drone history, how drones are being used today, flight safety and ethical operations, and where drones are likely headed in the future. Throughout the course, learners will become familiar with the mechanics of drone technology, from their various subsystems to the way they are programmed. They will also learn to use basic tools like flight simulators and configuration software that are used by professionals and enthusiasts the world over.

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