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Drone mania has struck around the world with people flying high using a variety of multi-rotor devices we all know now as drones! 3 rotors, 4 rotors, 6 rotors or more! Droneology is a fun, online course that prepares drone owners - beginners to advanced - for having fun while being safe and responsible with their flying gizmo. Topics covered include safety, laws and regulations, flight basics, and the many uses of drones! This digital course is optimized for delivery on mobile devices so you can take it on your phone, tablet, or computer anytime, anywhere! This course is not only fun and educational; it’s also valuable. As you complete each lesson in the series you are rewarded not just with knowledge, but with awesome discounts from partners on drone devices and accessories! Become a Droneologist today with this rad digital app!

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What Is Droneology?

Droneology is an engaging and fun e-course that prepares drone owners - beginners to advanced - for safe and responsible fun with their flying gizmo. It will prepare you with everything you need to know to fly safely!

The course is divided into seven parts, which each includes an engaging video or animation, any additional learning materials that you need and a quiz to make sure that you are learning!

The Seven Units of Droneology:


Take the course on your phone, tablet, or computer and best of all; receive valuable rewards for increasing your knowledge. Users will have the opportunity to unlock discounts from drone manufacturers and retail stores as they complete each unit in the course.

Why Do I Need Droneology?

You've probably noticed the surge in media attention being paid to drones. Drone owners who have not been properly educated are flying into restricted airspace, violating privacy rights, and endangering people in a wide variety of manners! Droneology prepares new drone owners to be safe and responsible, while having a blast. This is great for the hobby, great for safety, and great for America!

Who Needs Droneology?

We think just about everyone - whether you own a drone or not - can benefit from Droneology. Since drones are now in the news, in the public eye, and probably down the street in your park, it seems like a smart idea to know a little bit more about them. Droneology is presented in a way that is effective for both kids and adults. Parents will appreciate a way to make sure that their kids are prepared to fly safely, and adult drone users will love the fact that Droneology is a quick way to get their drones in the air without having to take expensive or time-consuming classes!

Check out the videos below to get a sneak peak at Droneology!

Unit 1 - Introduction to Droneology

Curious to check out this wicked app? View the first two videos in the Droneology course below!

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Help new drone users have a positive drone piloting experience by learning how to safely fly their drone with the Droneology Ed App. Droneology is updated in real-time as new information and regulations emerge so your customers stay in the know. Contact a sales representative to learn more at droneology@edventures.com.

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