Educators nationwide are choosing Discover Drones to prepare students for the most exciting and in-demand STEM careers of the future.
Brandi Milliron

Drone Training Program was the BEST!

By Brandi Milliron

The opportunities for students are endless through this program, and students will receive training and hands-on experiences that will prepare them for careers that are not even available right now. This is the program that will get students excited about STEM topics.

I have not talked to a future student that is not ecstatic for this class, and many will try to enroll in the fall. Once this becomes the "hot" class at school, I am planning to implement an after-school program to enhance the training and encourage students to become involved in drone racing.

I am so excited and cannot wait to implement this program!

RubiQ reignited my students' love for learning.

By Paul Uzzi

Edventures has developed an outstanding platform to engage students in STEM. The package provides all the necessary tools and resources for a classroom to takeoff. Droneology, course navigation software, is an outstanding resource that takes students on an adventure through the ethics, laws, essential knowledge of drone flight.

RubiQ (the quadcopter) is surprisingly robust. I was a little intimidated at first, but got the hang of it with practice. My students picked up flying RubiQ much faster than I did.

I teach at an alternative high school and Discover Drones has been an amazing tool to reignite the love for learning. My students are engaged again and the desire to learn has spread to their other classes.

Discover Drones is legit drone equipment!

By Scott Campbell

I've been building drones for a little over two years now and this kit contains legit drone equipment recognized by industry leaders!

First off, the RubiQ itself is all modular and perfect for teaching beginners all the necessary parts of a drone and how everything connects together. The main circuit board is built extremely well and you can tell much time and effort was put into this board.

I know this kit is going to open many students minds to the many possibilities of drones and how they can be used for the good. It will also teach them problem solving and hands-on skills which will be with them for the rest of their lives! I am so glad to be a part of this drone education movement!

Drone Industry To Exceed $100 Billion

The global drone market is expected to grow from about $7.7 billion in 2022 to over $17 billion by 2028 (from Market Reports World), with far-ranging career opportunities in construction, defense, cinematography, agriculture, insurance, fire, police, journalism, utilities, real estate and many other industries.

High school students with drone operator training and a Part 107 commercial operator’s license are earning over $50/hour in summer jobs, indicating the extraordinary demand for these skill sets.

Beyond their intrinsic career applications, drones could be the catalyst that propels a student to develop their knowledge and skills in computer science, engineering, robotics or aeronautics -- drones naturally incorporate all of these STEM topics and more.

Discover Drones In Action

The Nuts and Bolts

Inspire the Next Generation of Pilots and STEMgineers

Inspire a love of STEM in your students through the most exciting hands-on, project-based learning tool available. When it comes to drones, the skies are the limit to where a students’ love for learning can take them. From journalism and research to agriculture and commerce, drones are transforming nearly all industries.

Develop Your Skills

Kick off your program with complimentary professional development delivered via webinar. Bring as many educators and providers as you can pack into a digital meeting room.

Pssst! We also offer 2-3 day on-site institutes for multiple site implementations.

Essential Drone Knowledge

Discover Drones’ RubiQ (what we call our UAV) and curriculum is the key to giving your students essential drone knowledge. This kit requires no previous drone experience, yet the possibilities for expansion are limitless. From basic systems that make drones work to ethics and regulations, this is Drones 101.

Put Their Skills to the Test

Take your program to the next level with drone competitions and racing in first-person view (FPV). Micro drone add-on packages allow your students to practice flying year ‘round to take on the best pilots at school, in the community or in the world.

Never Fly Alone

With support only a phone call, email or quick chat away, our in-house team of engineers, educators and product experts has your back. Not to mention our online community of educators using Discover Drones with forums, FAQs and video instruction.


When it comes to safety features, RubiQ is one of the most decked out drones available with programmable failsafe, return to home, altitude and position hold and radio tethering - allowing an instructor to take control with the flip of a switch.

Go Beyond Flight

Discover Drones is more than just fun and flying - it's a platform for STEM. Dive deep into the systems and theory that make drones work. Students build and configure their drones while exploring the mechanical, electrical, material and physical sciences.

Get Your Own In-House Expert

Want more training? You’ve got it. With our network of PCS certified Drone Education Specialists, you have access to real-time, real-life, home-town support.

Real World Applications

Invite your students to consider how STEM might factor into their futures. With scholarships available for Drone Pilot Ground School’s Part 107 prep course students can turn piloting skills into a lucrative entrepreneurial resource. Curriculum extensions also encourage them to imagine current and future drone-based careers.

EDU Drones 101

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