Looking for a fun way to engage your students with drone technology?

Look no further! Droneology and Droneology Jr. immerse students in the newest drone technology in a fun, and interactive experience. The topics you will find in each of these programs include safety, laws and regulations, flight basics, and the many uses of drones! This is a quick and efficient way to learn all about drones – something every drone user should be aware of before taking flight. Students even get a printable Certificate of Achievement when they complete the course.

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Students can take the course on mobile phones, tablets, or computers and they'll receive digital rewards as they increase their knowledge.

There are 2 Programs To Choose From


What is Droneology and who is this for?

Droneology is an engaging and fun e-course that prepares learners for safe and responsible fun with their flying gizmo. This course is designed for middle to high school students.

The course is divided into seven parts, which each includes an engaging video or animation, any additional learning materials that you need and a quiz to test their understanding!

The Seven Units of Droneology are:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Essential Knowledge
  3. Flight Safety
  4. Basic Piloting Skills
  5. Laws, Regulations, & Coordinating Groups
  6. Ethical Operation
  7. Future Of Drones

Droneology Jr.

What is Droneology Jr. and who is this for?

Droneology Jr. is a fully animated online teaching tool geared towards introducing our younger pilots to the world of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The course is divided into eight parts, which each includes an engaging video or animation, any additional learning materials that you need and a quiz to test the learners understanding!

The eight units of Droneology Jr. are:

  1. What is a drone?
  2. Drone safety
  3. Piloting skills
  4. How do drones work
  5. FAA and air spaces
  6. Laws of the sky
  7. Drones for good
  8. Drones and the future

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PCS Edventures offers drone programs for multiple grade levels that incorporate Droneology and Droneology Jr. Students learn STEAM concepts while exploring the technology and career paths that drones offer! Click the images below to learn more about each program.

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