Drones for Christmas!

Drones for Christmas!

As the holiday season is upon us, many are wondering what to get their loved ones for Christmas. For decades, gaming systems have been a popular gift item for children. While they still remain at their height in purchasing volume and overall popularity, perhaps giving a child or teen an alternative sort of present might be ideal this year. To what am I referring? Drones! Drones for Christmas!

In previous posts, I’ve detailed the various uses and benefits of drones, what they look like, how they are operated, and the ever pertinent details that they are exploding onto the scene as the next hot commodity, one of which includes the learning potential their process of design and development has for students of all ages.

Getting kids engaged in STEM is becoming increasingly easier, as the availability of products that encourage exploration and concept application continues to expand.

However, while the market is introducing more advanced educational materials each day, some activities are not as well received as others. Meaning, some may just be plain boring. As I have stressed, to keep kids interested, it is important to provide them with as many hands on opportunities as possible. Doing this not only holds their interest, numerous studies have shown that, when given students are given a chance to interact with what they are learning, the activity is much more likely to prolong the longevity of their memory and understanding of the concepts introduced. Drones are perfect for doing that!

If you do decide that a drone might be a prospective purchase, consider PCS’ Droneology as a helpful companion. Featuring videos that inform the user of how to safely and responsibly operate drones, this is a fantastic way to introduce drone safety to all ages! Droneology includes seven lessons which feature an introduction to drones, essential drone knowledge, flight safety, basic piloting skills, laws, regulations, and coordinating groups, ethical operations, and the future of drones.

The main purpose of this material is to provide ample education to the general public, who may not be properly informed in matters like airspace restrictions, the potential of violating privacy rights, and the unfortunate prospect of endangering people (largely due to having been inadequately informed). On our website, you can check out relevant videos, including two that are found in the course!

Whatever your plans are for the holidays, consider giving educational experiences in addition to just items. With that, you can be sure that any science-related item will matter as they help to grow the next generation of STEM enthusiasts!

Lindsay Reeves

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