Discover Robotics & Physics Individual Kit

  • 599.00 USD
Explore the Physics of Energy and Motion with Robots!

Build 12 unique physics projects to discover the mysteries of energy, motion and robotics. With step-by-step build instructions and 16 student-driven curriculum cards, learners work independently with PCS Edventures robotics parts and fischertechnik™ building blocks to tackle physics challenges.


  • Ages: 8-14
  • Number of Activities: 16 LABCards (curriculum cards), 12 step-by-step builds and endless open-ended extensions
  • Subject Areas: Physical Science, Technology, Robotics & Coding
  • Student-driven lessons to work independently
  • 100% Reusable: Robotics parts and fischertechnik™ building blocks are 100% reusable. Just clean and reuse again and again.

Student LABCards:

  1. Build a pneumatic system to investigate how air flows and generates pressure.
  2. Build a vise to learn how to maximize piston potential.
  3. Build a robot and explore the Cortex programming software.
  4. Build an electric motor and learn about potential energy.
  5. Build a car that uses gravity to move and learn about potential energy.
  6. Build a balloon racer and learn how elastic potential energy can be used for power.
  7. Build a dragster that runs using an electric motor and learn how batteries work.
  8. Build a system to change the percentage of power used by the dragster and learn about the types of electrical currents.
  9. Build a marble launcher and experiment with piston velocity and acceleration.
  10. Build an experiment to test angles and the elasticity of collisions.
  11. Build an air compressor and investigate how stored air and pressurized potential affects the marble launcher.
  12. Build a launch button to expand learner knowledge of programming commands.
  13. Build a catapult to investigate the power of compressed air.
  14. Build a longer catapult arm for the catapult to expand launch ranges.
  15. Build robotic solenoids and program them to fire pistons independently.
  16. Build an experiment to systematically test variables and hone in on the optimal catapult.

Complete Program Includes:

  • Instructor Guide with answer keys: 1
  • Building Instruction Cards: 4
  • Student LABCards: 20
  • The Brain™ & Cortex user guide: 1
  • RiQ Robotics Parts:
    • Specialized PCS Robotic Controller - The Brain: 1
    • 9V DC motor and motor cable: 1
    • Bluetooth Dongle (BLE for iPads or Classic for all computers and Android tablets): 1
    • Rechargeable 11.1V LiPo battery and DC wall adapter: 1
    • Touch sensor and sensor cable: 1
    • USB Cable: 1
  • Bag of BB Pellets: 1
  • Ping Pong Balls: 3
  • fischertechnik™ building set: 1
  • Expanding file folder: 1
  • Storage tub: 1

Educators & Homeschoolers:

For more information on academic standards and package deals for educators, visit Discover Robotics & Physics.

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