Discover Robotics & Programming I (curriculum only)-PCS

Discover Robotics & Programming I (curriculum only)

Robots rock! In this robotics series students develop a strong understanding of the world of robots and programming. As with all the LABCards series, the robotics set is designed to be student-driven using project-based learning techniques, which builds upon skills using a combination of step-by-step projects and challenges. Students begin by learning basic robotic construction concepts followed by an introduction to programming. By using the PCS Edventures designed RiQ robot coupled with the interactive programming software Cortex, students of a variety of ages can be quickly building and programming their own robot.

While students work through the four set series, they learn about construction, programming, electric currents and polarity which creates a cross-curricular program that helps students to think beyond singular subject areas. In addition students are challenged to think use skills learned in projects to complete more difficult challenges, to develop 21st Century Skills like problem-solving as well as thinking critically and logically.

Not only are the Robotics LABCards a perfect addition to the classroom, but they can easily be used in after-school programs, robotic clubs and more! Their flexible design for students allows instructors of many different learning environments teach the expansive and exciting nature of robotics. Get building, programming and innovating with the LABCard Robotic series!

*1st Set of LABCards is 195.00.  Each additional set is ONLY $50.00.  

Grades: 4-8 Students: Up to 3 per set Contact Hours: 25+

*Used with Discover Robotics & Programming Kit*

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