BrickLAB Zoology

  • 129.00 USD
Explore the Animal Kingdom with Bricks!

Build 12 different animals and learn the adaptations that make them unique. With step-by-step instructions, learners work independently with PCS Edventures building bricks and a student-driven curriculum.


  • Ages: 8-10
  • Number of Activities: 12 Step-By-Step Builds and Endless Open-Ended Extensions
  • Subject Areas: Science, Literacy and Engineering
  • Student-driven lessons to work independently
  • 100% Reusable: BrickLAB bricks are 100% reusable. Just clean and reuse again and again.

Student Projects:

  1. Build a frog and learn how it has adapted to live its life in and out of the water.
  2. Build a lizard and learn how it's adapted to protect itself from predators.
  3. Build a lobster and learn how it's adapted to life on the ocean floor.
  4. Build a shark and learn how it's adapted to life in the open ocean.
  5. Build a crocodile and learn about the adaptations that have kept them alive since the age of the dinosaurs.
  6. Build a beetle and learn about the special adaptations of this group of insects.
  7. Build a yak and learn how it's adapted to life in cold, harsh mountain environments.
  8. Build a puma and learn the adaptations that make them top predators.
  9. Build a mustang and learn how these animals went from being wild animals to domesticated pets.
  10. Build a pig and learn why this animal is important to so many people around the world.
  11. Build a monkey and learn how it's adapted to life in the trees.
  12. Build an elephant and learn the adaptations of this massive mammal.

Complete Program Includes:

  • Grown-Up Guide with Answer Keys: 1
  • Student Build Books: 12
  • BrickLAB bricks: 650+
  • Brick separator: 1

Educators & Homeschoolers:

For more information on academic standards and package deals for educators, visit Discover STEM Lab 3-4.

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