Engagement Strategies for STEM Education

Engagement Strategies for STEM Education

This webinar happened on March 26, 2019 at 3:00PM MST. The recording is available below.

How can you provide opportunities that challenge and excite students of all different demographics? Jim Schmidt will be joined by a panel of educators who will share stories from their experience in a variety of educational environments.

Jim Schmidt, Dori Atterberry, Jill Janicek and Guy Falconer discuss:

  • What is STEM?
  • How is it different from individual Science, Technology, Engineering and Math courses?
  • How do you fit STEM into an already packed schedule?
  • What have been your most successful STEM units?
  • Which products have you found most effective in your classroom?

Webinar Panelists:

Webinar Slides:


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

BrickLAB - Elementary

BrickLAB hinges on the idea that important concepts blossom when taught through dynamic and engaging hands-on activities. By utilizing manipulative-based learning through our signature “Perfect Brick,” each innovative curriculum series works to promote individual academic success, instilling a lifelong love of STEAM every step of the way.

Fischertechnik - Secondary

Fischertechnik sets allow educators and teachers to provide an engaging, hands-on introduction to technology and essential STEM-related concepts. These manipulatives model real-world building tactics and are used in industry for creating prototypes. Put these tools in the hands of your learners to bring engineering to life, helping connect classroom concepts with dynamic careers.


Jim Schmidt Ed.D., Educational Specialist

  • Over 20 years of experience in public school education and administration
  • Extensive experience facilitating professional and program development initiatives in STEM areas
  • Has managed statewide training programs in the state of Idaho, including the creation of the Dehryl A. Dennis Professional Technical Center, one of the top high school technical educational facilities in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Joined PCS in 2007 after retiring from the Boise School District 


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