National Week of Makers

National Week of Makers

The act and art of making trace its origins to the beginning of human history; man has not only been a thinking being, but also as a making being. Although humanity has produced incredible feats in all scientific areas throughout time, many researchers have explained that it has only been within recent years that technology has truly exploded, both creating and closing this notion of the digital divide. Specifically, Internet technology has transformed the landscape of communication and innovation, providing new space for creative geniuses. Further, increasing access to technology has resulted in expanded levels of competitiveness among businesses and individuals.

Despite the US lagging behind other more industrialized countries in math and science, the Obama administration has taken tremendous steps forward in ensuring that the next generation of mathematicians and scientists can be on equal footing with their international counterparts. President Obama, amidst the expansion of his Nation of Makers initiative, declared that the days of June 17 through the 23 would officially be deemed the “National Week of Makers.” He went on to say that, “during National Week of Making, we recommit to sparking the creative confidence of all Americans and to giving them the skills, mentors, and resources they need to harness their passion and tackle some of our planet’s greatest challenges” (Obama, 2016).

The “National Week of Makers” held by the White House was characterized by a renewed appreciation for innovators, and activities ranged from the announcement of the Career Technology Education (CTE) Makeover Challenge winners, to the celebration of D.C.’s National Maker Faire, to the creation of bipartisan groups established for the purpose of unifying education initiatives that seek to support technology enrichment programs.

PCS Edventures is proud to partner with President Obama in his creative initiatives designed to meet the needs of every student across the country, and desires to continue to engineer sound STEM products that equip the next generation of thinkers and innovators with the skills necessary to be competitive in this current economic climate.

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