Celebrating Mother Earth on Earth Day

Celebrating Mother Earth on Earth Day

Spring Is In The Air!

Spring is arriving in full force. As the weather warms up we shift our attention to the outdoors. April is the perfect month to contemplate the value of nature and the complexities and beauty of the world in which we live in.

Celebrating Mother Earth on Earth Day

To that end, April is the month in which people around the world celebrate Earth Day. A great reminder of the importance of treating our planet and its resources with care and consideration. Earth Day was founded on April 22nd, 1970 with the intention of raising awareness about environmental protection through education and acts of service.

It’s All Connected

Understanding and respecting the diversity of life on our planet and how it depends on and is interconnected with the Earth’s natural resources is at the heart of Earth Day. Complex systems such as the water cycle and carbon cycle interface with the life cycles of interdependent organisms in all ecosystems, and all ecosystems are connected to each other in ways both obvious and obscure.

Protecting Our Planet

As human beings continue to develop new technologies and the natural resources that they depend on, it is more important than ever to teach our children about the world we live in and how our actions impact it. It is never too early to start, nor too late. With that in mind, we have developed a number of Enrichment Programs that aim to inspire and educate children about the importance of understanding the natural world.

Plants and Seeds
(Grades 1-3)

Follow the life cycle of a seed and explore how plants have adapted to their environments, all while constructing a one-of-a-kind work of art.

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Oceanic Exploration
(Grades 4-6)

Journey from the Arctic to the Mariana Trench to explore deep-sea life cycles, adaptations and food webs from Earth’s largest ecosystem.

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Summer Camp Classics
(Grades 6-8)

Revisit time-honored summer camp activities with a modern twist, including many green activities such as leaf printing, seed art and cooking with solar power.

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Celebrate Earth Day

So this month, why not hop aboard the bandwagon and join the more than 75,000 partners in 190 countries who have joined in with Earthday.org to promote environmental awareness and stewardship. Whatever age range you teach, PCS Edventures has enrichment program solutions that embody the spirit of Earth Day by promoting environmental preservation through experiential understanding.

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Author: Tyler Downey

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