EDU Drones 101

Discover Drones, STEM & The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

As a resource for educators looking to evaluate the Discover Drones materials available from PCS Edventures, this document provides 1.) an overview...

Drone Heroes: They Fly Among Us

How can we provide relief to unreachable areas, rescue people in perilous situations and save endangered species? With drones. Drones are the heroe...

Drones and Hands-On STEM Education

Hands-on learning in the classroom is complicated, but the results of introducing hands-on learning strategies are distinct. Students who learn-by-...

Drones Go to College: A Look at UAVs in Higher Education

As drones begin to play a significant part in a more diverse range of industries, there is a higher demand for education-based programs that provid...

The Scholastic Drone Racing League

The brainchild of PCS Edventures and MultiGP Drone Racing, The Scholastic Drone Racing League is the world’s first UAV racing league to come to Jun...

Drones for Christmas!

As the holiday season is upon us, many are wondering what to get their loved ones for Christmas. For decades, gaming systems have been a popular gi...

The New Face of Drones

The use of drones continues to be a debated topic within the political community.  However, while they may have a negative connotation, their helpf...

Drones For a Better Future

“Drones Take Over,” and “FAA: More Pilots Reporting Close Calls with Drones,” are popular headlines involving drones, and as drone craze continues ...

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