Flight Activity Book Collection

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BrickLAB STEAMventures: Powered by Curiosity!

Learn about the parts and pieces powering our favorite flying machines and the exciting lives of the people who pilot them.

Grades: K-1, 2-3
Contact Hours:

Subject Targets:

Physical Science, Technology, Art/STEAM, Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies

Included Activity Books:

Hot Air Balloons

Take flight with the inventors and innovators of the past! In this 40-page STEAM activity book, learners join Niko on a quest to discover the science, history and engineering design behind hot air balloons. Get ready to race around the Eiffel Tower, meet the pioneers of flight and explore the scientific principles behind hot air balloons.


Do a barrel-roll right into the exciting world of airplanes! In this 40-page STEAM activity book, learners engage in hands-on projects as they explore the history and science of airplane flight. Join pilot Emerson on an adventure through the skies and investigate who invented the airplane, learn the secrets that let them fly and discover how airplanes are used today.


Join Edie on a rescue mission in a helicopter! In this 40-page STEAM activity book, learners engage in hands-on projects as they explore the science of helicopter flight and the many ways that helicopters are used around the world. Examine the unique features of helicopters and discover what makes them the perfect flying machine for search and rescue, traffic monitoring, space exploration and more.


3... 2... 1... liftoff! In this 40-page STEAM activity book, learners engage in hands-on projects as they explore the history and math behind rockets. Join astronaut Patti on an expedition through the stars and investigate space with early astronomers, learn about the scientists, engineers, and mathematicians that make spaceflight possible and discover the secrets that let rockets fly.

Experience With Each Book:

  • New Vocabulary Words
  • Step-by-Step Brick Build
  • Science & Social Studies Stories
  • Math & Literacy Activities
  • Art Projects
  • Brick Engineering Challenges
  • Unplugged & Digital Choiceboards for Families

Each Collection Includes:

  • BUILD Activity Books: 4
    • Hot Air Balloons: 1
    • Airplanes: 1
    • Helicopters: 1
    • Rockets: 1
  • Grown-Up Guide: 1
  • Access to optional online resources

Each BrickLAB Individual Kit Includes:

  • BrickLAB bricks: 300+
  • Brick separator: 1
  • Mesh bag for cleaning bricks: 1


For more information on academic standards, educator resources and package deals for larger groups of students, view the Flight collection.

Video Playlist:

For more videos, visit Bring STEAM Home with BrickLAB STEAMventures.

Mom's Choice Award

“We are happy to award deserving products like BrickLAB STEAMventures,” said Dawn Matheson, CEO, Mom’s Choice Awards. “Our panel of judges really felt this activity kit merited a place on our list of the best in family-friendly products that parents and educators can feel confident in using.”

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