RubiQ 2.0

RubiQ’s grown up a lot over the years. Make sure to buy parts that will work with your version. The parts on this page are for RubiQ 2.0’s with the horizontal yellow connectors for motors.
RubiQ 2.0 Motor / ESC Assembly-PCS Quick shop
RubiQ Replacement Arm-PCS Quick shop
RubiQ 2.0 PCB-PCS Quick shop

RubiQ 2.0 PCB

124.99 USD

RubiQ 2.0 Replacement Screws and Standoffs-PCS Quick shop
3-Blade Propellers - Red (4 pk)-PCS Quick shop
3-Blade Propellers - White (4 pk)-PCS Quick shop
RubiQ 2.0 Mini FPV Camera-PCS Quick shop
RubiQ 2.0 FPV Camera Mount-PCS Quick shop
2-Blade Propellers - Black (4 pk)-PCS Quick shop