EiQ Building Kit-PCS edventures.com Quick shop
EiQ Building Kit-PCS edventures.com
EiQ Building Kit-PCS edventures.com
EiQ Building Kit-PCS edventures.com

EiQ Building Kit

$ 129.00


PCS Edventures is passionate about inspiring an interest in engineering concepts in children. This PCS fischertechnik kit has more than 400 fischertechnik manipulatives and an instruction manual that guides children through the construction of 48 exciting builds! The options for customization are countless! This hands-on experience is a perfect introduction to science concepts such as mechanical engineering, structural engineering, physics, gear ratios, and much more!

Grades 4+

What's Included

The EiQ set comes complete with more than 400 manipulatives, an instruction manual with 48 builds, a high-grade storage bin, and a sorting tray. This kit is perfect for any after-school or home setting as a supplement to STEM or engineering education. With exciting builds and advanced manipulatives, students create, engineer, and explore STEM topics on their own, further developing an interest in important STEM skills.

The hands-on experience with engineering concepts will get students interested in learning and is a perfect introduction to science concepts such as structural engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, gear ratios and much more. Construction opportunities include a model helicopter, a carousel ride, a sewing machine, a race car, and other exciting builds!

RiQ - The Easy To Build And Program Robot Kit-PCS edventures.com Quick shop
RiQ - The Easy To Build And Program Robot Kit-PCS edventures.com
RiQ - The Easy To Build And Program Robot Kit-PCS edventures.com
RiQ - The Easy To Build And Program Robot Kit-PCS edventures.com

RiQ - The Easy To Build And Program Robot Kit

$ 229.00


RiQ is an easy-to-build and easy-to-program robot kit for all ages with building components, sensors, and a microcontroller that enables everyone to be an inventor, engineer, or scientist!  RiQ is a product for stimulating creativity, learning how to program, and providing a platform for experimenting in an engaging way with engineering and robotics.  Recommended for students ages 9 and up, RiQ can be programmed easily with your Android or iOS Tablet using a Bluetooth connection, or you can program on an Apple or Windows computer (communicate with USB or Bluetooth).

The RiQ kit includes fischertechnik building elements comprised of high strength nylon and steel sufficient to build the mobile RiQ platform – you can also invent a number of other projects – you are limited only by your imagination!

What's Included

The PCS Brain Robotic Microcontroller

The PCS Brain is a remarkable achievement in Arduino compatible system design as we have integrated some of the most useful features for users into one, easy-to-use package versatile ABS transparent housing . If you do some shopping around to build an Arduino system complete with wireless communications, motor and servo shields, PCB mounted sensors, easy-to-use connections, cables, power supply, etc. you will quickly accumulate a $400+ shopping list. Here, with the RiQ package you get all of this including a user friendly system case with physical hooks that allow you to bolt this bad boy onto just about anything you want to roboticize. 

Technical Specifications:


– Microcontroller ATmega328P TQFP32

– Operating Voltage 5V

– Input Voltage (recommended) 7-16V

– Input Voltage (limits) 16V

– Digital I/O Pins 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output)

– Analog Input Pins 8

– Flash Memory 32 KB (ATmega328) of which 0.5 KB used by bootloader

– SRAM 2 KB (ATmega328P)

– EEPROM 1 KB (ATmega328P)

– Clock Speed 16 MHz


fischertechnik and Building Inventory

RiQ includes 2 DC motors, gear boxes, axles, wheels, hub nuts, high quality swivels with steel balls, a pen holder so RiQ can draw, and other components for building RiQ and inventing other creations.  

Ultrasonic Sensor (1)

RiQ’s “eyes” help him find his way using ultrasonic sound waves!  Use high frequency waves to navigate and identify objects with the power of science!
Infrared Sensor (2)

RiQ uses infrared sensors to detect differences in reflected light of off surfaces – it’s the perfect solution for line following or sumo wrestling robot matches when RiQ needs to stay in the ring!
Light Sensor (1)

This sensor enables RiQ to react to the amount of ambient light he senses – for example, program your robot so that when the lights go on he runs for his life! 
Touch Sensor (2)

Use touch sensors (pressure sensitive switch) with RiQ to make sure he knows when he runs into a wall, a chair leg, or your pets.
LEDs (2)

Now that’s flashy. Bright pink and blue LEDs give RiQ the ability to light up the room with excitement and design creativity.

Bluetooth Dongle (1 – BLE or Classic)

Unleash RiQ with wireless communication from your Android or IOS tablet or any computer or laptop with Bluetooth capability!  RiQ talks USB also, but no wires is far more fun!  Make sure to order the right dongle – Bluetooth classic or BLE. Bluetooth classic is compatible with all computers (Windows, PC, Apple) and Android-based tablets. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is suitable for iPad versions 3 and above. Please note that the Cortex software is not intended, nor compatible with smart phones of any kind. 

Powerful Rechargeable Li-Po Battery

11.1v LiPo rechargeable battery, case, and DC adapter.


Motor cables (2), sensor cables (5), ultrasonic sensor cable (1), USB cable,  and a recharging cable.

The PCS Cortex Programming Environment

As easy as connecting blocks, the programming interface connects logic commands together in an intuitive way that promotes a quick and easy programming environment ideal for students just starting programming. The Cortex provides a great platform for promoting interest in programming due to its gamified nature – built on a powerful gaming platform, the programming environment engages students while providing a rich set of resources for learning how to program.  One of the most unique aspects of the environment is the ability to integrate tablet based sensors into your program for controlling the Brain.  For example, you can capture sounds from your tablet microphone and vary the speed of your robot’s motors based on how much noise the microphone is picking up!  Use the accelerometer, GPS, compass, and other built in sensors and make them part of your invention!


RiQ Brain 5.0 Package-PCS edventures.com Quick shop
RiQ Brain 5.0 Package-PCS edventures.com

RiQ Brain 5.0 Package

$ 99.95


The PCS BrainTM is an Arduino compatible robotic microcontroller that responds to the commands sent to it by the PCS Cortex programming environment. Use The Brain to program devices that walk, roll, and shake as you explore computer programming in its most exciting way - Robotics! The Brain is designed be an open platform, both through its Arduino heart, and through its unique housing which was designed to connect to all major building systems such as LEGO®, fischertechnik®, K’NEX®, Erector® and others. The Brain even has the ability to add on R/C standard nuts and bolts so you can bolt it on to anything. The PCS Brain is designed to be open ended, extensible, and flexible and to encourage creativity - just like your own brain.

What's Included

USB Cable
Brain and Brain Case (assembled)
Instructor Guide for downloading Cortex

RiQ Classic Bluetooth Dongle (Windows, Mac, Android)-PCS edventures.com Quick shop
RiQ Classic Bluetooth Dongle (Windows, Mac, Android)-PCS edventures.com

RiQ Classic Bluetooth Dongle (Windows, Mac, Android)

$ 30.00


Used with the PCS Brain microcontroller, part of the RiQ robot package, this dongle will allow you to communicate with your Brain wirelessly! Either using a tablet or bluetooth enabled computer, you can send programs created on the Cortex programming environment directly to your Brain to make it run. This Bluetooth dongle is compatible with laptop computers, desktop computers, and android tablet.

*If you are using an iPad, this dongle is not compatible! Be sure to check out the special Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) dongle offered.

RiQ BLE Dongle (iPad)-PCS edventures.com Quick shop
RiQ BLE Dongle (iPad)-PCS edventures.com
RiQ BLE Dongle (iPad)-PCS edventures.com
RiQ BLE Dongle (iPad)-PCS edventures.com

RiQ BLE Dongle (iPad)

$ 30.00


This dongle uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to communicate with devices wirelessly. Specifically this dongle is designed to be used with iPads, which require BLE technology. Used with the PCS robot called RiQ, this dongle allows the microcontroller called The Brain to be controlled and programmed wirelessly from an iPad tablet! 

*If you are not using an iPad (or BLE compatible device) do not use the BLE dongle - check out the classic Bluetooth dongle!

RiQ Ultrasonic Sensor Pack-PCS edventures.com Quick shop
RiQ Ultrasonic Sensor Pack-PCS edventures.com

RiQ Ultrasonic Sensor Pack

$ 9.95


Have you ever wanted to use echolocation like bats? Ultrasonic sensors give RiQ these bat-like skills by sending out high-frequency sounds and detecting distances by the bounce-back rate! Pretty cool technology for such a small robot - like a bat he may be small but he is powerful!

What's Included

1 Ultrasonic Sensor

1 Ultrasonic Sensor Cable

RiQ Infrared Sensor Pack-PCS edventures.com Quick shop
RiQ Infrared Sensor Pack-PCS edventures.com

RiQ Infrared Sensor Pack

$ 9.95


RiQ gets some tech support with these cool sensors that can detect differences in light reflections. By using infrared sensors you can program RiQ to follow black lines, stay within a boundary, and much more!

What's Included: 

2 Infrared Sensors

RiQ Touch Sensor Pack-PCS edventures.com Quick shop
RiQ Touch Sensor Pack-PCS edventures.com

RiQ Touch Sensor Pack

$ 9.95


RiQ's feeling a bit touchy with these sensors! Touch sensors can be used to help RiQ navigate, initiate certain program functions, or become a mini RiQ keyboard. What else could these sensors be used for? Find out with this add-on pack!

What's Included

1 White Touch Sensor

1 Yellow Touch Sensor

RiQ Light Sensor Pack-PCS edventures.com Quick shop
RiQ Light Sensor Pack-PCS edventures.com

RiQ Light Sensor Pack

$ 7.95


Afraid of the dark? Program RiQ to run away from darkness (or light)! RiQ uses light sensors to detect differences in ambient light. Check out the Scaredy Bot Build to see RiQ run away from the light!

What's Included

1 Light Sensor