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EiQ Building Kit-PCS
EiQ Building Kit
  • 129.00 USD
RiQ Brain 5.0 Package-PCS
RiQ Brain 5.0 Package
  • 99.95 USD
RiQ Classic Bluetooth Dongle (Windows, Mac, Android)-PCS
RiQ Classic Bluetooth Dongle (Windows, Mac, Android)
  • 30.00 USD
RiQ BLE Dongle (iPad)-PCS
RiQ BLE Dongle (iPad)
  • 30.00 USD
RiQ Ultrasonic Sensor Pack-PCS
RiQ Ultrasonic Sensor Pack
  • 9.95 USD
RiQ Infrared Sensor Pack-PCS
RiQ Infrared Sensor Pack
  • 9.95 USD
RiQ Touch Sensor Pack-PCS
RiQ Touch Sensor Pack
  • 9.95 USD
RiQ Light Sensor Pack-PCS
RiQ Light Sensor Pack
  • 7.95 USD
RiQ LED Pack
  • 9.95 USD
RiQ Battery Pack-PCS
RiQ Battery Pack
  • 49.95 USD
RiQ Motor Cable Pack-PCS
RiQ Motor Cable Pack
  • 7.95 USD
RiQ Motor Pack-PCS
RiQ Motor Pack
  • 29.95 USD
RiQ Sensor Cable Pack-PCS
RiQ Sensor Cable Pack
  • 9.95 USD
RiQ Standard Arm Upgrade Pack-PCS
RiQ Standard Arm Upgrade Pack
  • 9.95 USD
RiQ Wheel Pack-PCS
RiQ Wheel Pack
  • 7.95 USD
RiQ Fischertechnik Manipulative Pack-PCS
RiQ Fischertechnik Manipulative Pack
  • 59.95 USD
RiQ | The Easy To Build And Program Robot Kit-PCS
RiQ | The Easy To Build And Program Robot Kit
  • 229.00 USD

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