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RiQ Brain 5.0 Package

$ 99.95


The PCS BrainTM is an Arduino compatible robotic microcontroller that responds to the commands sent to it by the PCS Cortex programming environment. Use The Brain to program devices that walk, roll, and shake as you explore computer programming in its most exciting way - Robotics! The Brain is designed be an open platform, both through its Arduino heart, and through its unique housing which was designed to connect to all major building systems such as LEGO®, fischertechnik®, K’NEX®, Erector® and others. The Brain even has the ability to add on R/C standard nuts and bolts so you can bolt it on to anything. The PCS Brain is designed to be open ended, extensible, and flexible and to encourage creativity - just like your own brain.

What's Included

USB Cable
Brain and Brain Case (assembled)
Instructor Guide for downloading Cortex