Code Your Future: Why Programming is Essential in STEM Education

Code Your Future: Why Programming is Essential in STEM Education

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Randy Jamison, the owner and founder of the world-class interactive software development company Curious Media, teams up with PCS Edventures Co-CEO Robert Grover to discuss the future of computer programming in an upcoming webinar. Jamison will talk about the skills he looks for in coders, and what it takes to be successful in the programming industry. In addition Grover will talk about the nationwide movement to encourage more computer science and coding classes offered in classrooms. Both Mr. Jamison and Mr. Grover will explore the type of results that can be achieved by engaging students in computer science topics at an early age. For example in 1987, Randy was Robert’s very first student at PCS Edventures, where he initially explored computer programming.

Randy and Robert’s long-time experience shows that using the right approach with students can have a huge impact on their future. Randy’s educational experiences at PCS Edventures were formative in his development and he is currently running an extremely successful company that focuses on computer coding and design skills. In true full circle fashion, Curious Media and PCS Edventures are partners and Curious Media builds and supports software used in PCS robotics and engineering products. Curious Media recently produced the easy-to-use, drag-and-drop programming environment known as the Cortex that controls the friendly PCS robot called RiQ. In addition, they produced an engaging, interactive building platform to encourage engineering skills known as the 3DIC (3D Interactive Curriculum).


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