Free Software Promoting STEM Learning

One of the most encouraging trends relative to education is the proliferation of free software that can be used to promote STEM learning. Over time...

The Power of Physics

There is a preponderance of evidence which shows that hands on learning for students always results in peak performance, both on assessments and in...

The Success of Virtual Reality

Conceptually, virtual reality (more commonly known as VR) traces its origins back to the 1950s.  During this time, cinematographer Morton Heilig de...

Parental Involvement with STEM

As new and exciting technology emerges, children are afforded the efforts to pave innovative paths in their understanding of STEM.  This kind of le...

3D Printing as a Comprehensive Solution

Known as “additive manufacturing”, 3D printing is known as a process of forming three dimensional solid objects using a digital model.  While the e...

Video Games and STEM

Video games have been traditionally thought of as being “time wasters” or “energy suckers”.  However, research has proven that these games have tre...

Emerging Fields in STEM

As technology increases, along with company and organizational growth, the demand for filling STEM jobs will see a direct correlation.  That is to ...

The Reality of Coding: How to Get Ahead

“It’s time Americans begin treating computer code the way we do the alphabet or arithmetic,” wrote CNN reporter Douglas Rushkoff about the importan...

Spotlight: The PCS EdventuresLab

PCS Edventures! has a long history of STEM education, going clear back to 1986 when Patrick McShane, a rural Idaho schoolteacher, started an afters...

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