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Partner with PCS Edventures to Start the Continuum Today with Hands-on STEM Learning for K-12 Students

Who We Are:

PCS Edventures is a leader in K-12 STEM/STEAM education. With over 30 years of experience, we provide hands-on educational products for classroom and after-school settings. We make learning and investigation a fun, innovative and interactive experience for all learners.

What We Do:

We support educators and students with high-interest, easy-to-implement, hands-on STEM learning kits. We create partnerships to provide large-scale access to STEM education. We work with STEM Learning Ecosystem members on initiatives such as the Idaho STEM Action Center Drone Institutes and the Iowa Scale-Up Program to provide state-of-the art drone curriculum, equipment and on-boarding for educators and diverse learners, especially in rural areas.

PCS Edventures takes an active role to support the mission of the STEM Learning Ecosystems:

* We strive to transform how students learn with high-impact programs that support and invigorate educators.

Partners Already Part of the PCS Edventures STEM Movement:

Idaho STEM Action Center Idaho EcosySTEM Iowa STEM Scale-Up 21st CCLC Boys and Girls Clubs 4-H Girl Scouts Boy Scouts YMCA