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The Blocksmith Webinar: VR and Game Development for STEM

The Blocksmith Webinar: VR and Game Development for STEM

Blocksmith VR & Game Development Webinar from PCS Edventures on Vimeo.


What comes to mind when you hear the words “Virtual Reality”? Do you see images of alien landscapes or Jedi technologies? Maybe the next untapped video game frontier? What if I told you that it is so much more than that. Virtual reality is being used around the world to innovate medicine, invigorate entertainment and even energize out-of-date business practices — it is so much more than a gaming novelty. Virtual reality is transforming our world.

Join Blocksmith CEO Markus Nigrin, PCS Edventures Director of Curriculum Michelle Fisher, and Blocksmith Designer Colin Falconer as they explore the potential of virtual reality in the classroom, discussing everything from game development to the best VR devices.

And remember, with a Blocksmith Educational License:

  • All three versions are perpetual licenses, meaning the software and your private domain are yours and yours alone, forever.
  • Premium versions of the software may become available down the road for an annual fee, but an ad-free space is included at no charge for the first year.



Visit edventures.com/collections/enrichment-camps/products/blocksmith-education and blocksmithxr.com for more information!

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