Discover: The World of Robotics, Physics and Engineering

Discover: The World of Robotics, Physics and Engineering

The Discover Series allows students in grades 1-12 to get their hands on today’s relevant technologies, approaching modern topics through hands-on, self-guided exploration. Promoting an atmosphere of creativity and innovation through exciting lessons in robotics, programming, physics, engineering, drones and video production, students explore topics they are actively interested in, all the while developing soft skills including communication, critical thinking and persistence. 

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Grant Hathaway 

Grant has four years of experience teaching and developing STEM curriculum for kids. He is excited about STEM education and has been described as the “biggest kid in lab.” With two sons of his own, changing education for the next generation has become a passion of his. He enjoys video games, individual sports, puns, and trivia.

Michelle Fisher 

Since she joined PCS Edventures in early 2015, Michelle has thrived as Director of STEM Development, where she is responsible for curriculum evolution, product development coordination and professional lead acquisition. Michelle has extensive teaching experience and a passion for STEM Education.


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