The CSTA Framework and PCS

The CSTA Framework and PCS

The CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association) is currently developing its newest edition of the K-12 computer science framework. This new set of computer science standards will be designed to help teachers and curriculum developers focus on the concepts and practices students need to understand in an effort to best equip them in tackling the most pertinent challenges related to computer science. Although this “framework” is being understood in the context of “standards”, the actual reality is that the CSTA authors a document that is helpful in the setting of standards process, but does not directly name expressed standards; this end is left to the respective states and school systems.

As mentioned, one of the goals of the framework is to create relevant practices and concepts that are grade-level appropriate. In that, the CSTA has created a place in which specific computer science practices (like recognizing and defining computational problems) translate to corresponding concepts (such as issues surrounding data and analysis). In this way, the ideas most pressing in computer science are addressed from both an abstract and practical perspective, providing an optimal information pathway for concept recognition and application.

PCS is excited about these new advents in computer science education and we offer the best resources available to aid students in their understanding of STEM. More specifically, we have created a wide range of computer science products. For example, the “Discover” series is a unique set that allows students to simultaneously interact with robotics and programming; it teaches basic programming logic in the context of mechanical output and is conveniently aligned to Common Core and NGSS. Discover SketchUp is also an intriguing modeling program that we offer for applications like architecture, interior design, civil and mechanical engineering, and film and video game design. Because the ability to interact with 3D modeling is becoming an increasingly needed practical skillset valuable to both education and employers, providing students access to this product is a surefire way to ensure that they have been given the most opportunity to succeed in the 21st century.

The CSTA has done a phenomenal job with creating this new framework, and it is an innovative time indeed for both the technology and education industries. PCS is excited to get on board with these new revisions and seeks to continually offer new curriculum and products tailored to help students meet the most challenging problems of today. Given that the current students will be tomorrow’s leaders, it is vital that we continue to aggressively promote STEM learnedness, and more particularly, computer science skills.

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